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STORY BY Talia Aroshas

Published: July 11, 2013

About a year ago today my real life began. Born into this world as a tried and true Capricorn, I had spent my entire life working multiple jobs, whilst balancing school and internships, with little left to the imagination; which was always quite ironic, as I have also always considered myself to be the creative, free-spirited type. However, it is that very conundrum, I believe, that fueled the fires within my aching soul, allowing me, finally, to break free from the chains that bound me and begin to venture out into the world anew. That and the fact that I had been fired by both my jobs within a 2-month period, of course.

After a year of having worked the boring desk at her celebrity adored, high-end spa, my boss pulled me into her office to let me know that she was letting me go.

“Why?” I foolishly inquired.

“It just isn’t the right fit,” She answered.

“Well, why?”

“Oh, we don’t need to go into details.”

Having always hated the job and being convinced that there was probably something better out there for me, anyway, I grabbed my things and left, picking up my unemployment forms on the way out.  And as I filled out the lines and spaces on that sheet of paper, in the comfort of my own home whilst smoking suspect substances with my good friend before going off to see questionable movies, I knew what I had to do at that moment in time in order to set it right.

When they heard of the news, from either my big mouth or candid tendencies to turn my life up on full blast over the Internet, my friends reached out to me with concern. Are you looking for work? Do you need help finding a job? Absolutely not, I would tell them.  With the undoubted approval of my unemployment request, I knew I wouldn’t be able to live as luxuriously as I had before, but I also knew that for the first time in my life I didn’t have to keep pace to the beat of a heavy metal drum, and find my way in this world.

The very next day I took a trip to Six Flags with a few of my closest friends, as from my phone, I began to plan the rest of my summer. From Canada, to France, and from Spain to Israel, I spontaneously structured an imperfect game plan that proved, within its flaws, to be nothing but sublime. I saw things I had never seen, met people that shook my senses, and found an independence, strength, and astute understanding of myself I had not known before.

            Upon my return from my 3-month adventure, I was refreshed, refurbished, redefined, and able to start finding my professional path. But instead of rushing to the next job that would have me answering phones, scheduling appointments, and hating my life, I took internships that could teach me things in order to further my knowledge and advance my skills in a career that I actually wanted to have.

And now, looking back a year later, all I would really like to do is thank that soulless woman for the dear favor she did for me. Because the thought of having spent the last year trapped in that snotty dungeon with no windows, as opposed to the whirlwind of chance and adventure I was able to experience, well, it makes me want to throw up in my mouth, just a little.

Ergo, the point of this essay; so many of you out there find yourself in that position I was stuck in for so long: trapped in a job you hate, terrified to take a leap of faith, and hoping your dreams will just one day appear. I was lucky enough to be pushed off that ledge, but I beg of you, do not wait or hesitate (not a preemptive rhyme); break free, live you life, and don’t look back. Maybe you’ll make a few mistakes and regret them along the way—but what’s worse, a life of small mistakes that were made because you’re the only one calling the shots, or a life ruled by the confinements of a job you never even wanted?

How about don’t stick around long enough to find out.

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