Truly Cool Music: Juana Molina Music to Pay For

STORY BY Holly Ramos

Published: August 11, 2013

I LOVE Juana Molina and you should too. Do you already know all about her? I hope so. I just pulled this artist’s 2008 release Un Dia and am reminded why this is one of the coolest cds released last decade and why everyone should own it.

As a young girl I would write songs in my head to the washing machine in our pre-war miniature kitchen. I could lay my head against the machine on lay on the hard wood next to it and disappear in to a world of music - words, melodies, rhythms, it was all there inside me and the machine, salvation. Years later when I would hear Johnny Thunders I imagined that he wrote to the washing machine, I could just hear it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the beautiful Juana Molina takes washing machine music to a new high.

Oh my lord, this often lyric-less album with its “scat vocal Jaunts,” repetitive sounds, South American and world influences, and groovy beats draws you under the bubbly water and twirls you back and forth till you are shiny and new, happy and high, joyous and free, alive and thrilled to be.

Juana hails from Argentina. Had a popular sketch comedy show and much fame in the early 90’s. Left it to have her baby.  Started releasing music. Blows my mind. Had interesting exposure to music growing up, through her parents and then through French radio’s worldly play lists. According to her bio, Molina seems to have always written songs with a repetitive trace inducing/trance induced structure, and luckily for us, she managed to record these layered gems brilliantly.

Un Dia is a classic release that everyone should own, so you can come back to it again and again, year after year, to feel sound generated emotions, to put in on repeat because once is not enough, to experience being held by a human voice that goes into the realm beyond words and meanings, to remember why you love music.


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