Truly Cool Music: Brett Dennen Is A Wild Child

STORY BY Holly Ramos

Published: July 31, 2013

So Brett Dennen is a singer songwriter with a new cd called Smoke and Mirrors coming out on October 22. The first single, Wild Child, is getting airplay and it sounds great. Wild Child has that Steve Miller “The Joker” groove and a catchy verse that will hook you instantly. Brett’s voice is lovely and longing, the lyrics are cool and the production is perfect. The guy has a hit on his hands and I am so happy for him and for the world and for music.

Once again when I heard the song I could not place it in time, was it new or old? This seems to be a trend with music coming out lately, particularly music that I am attracted to, not retro sounds, but timeless sounds. Alas, music just might be getting exciting again….

As for Brett, the Californian artist responsible for this song- he is a strange and striking, sometimes androgynous (more awkward than sexy), redhead who refreshingly doesn’t fit any visual molds. His sensibility is wholesome. He has a soulful gifted voice and a real talent. If his website and videos are any indication, Brett seems to be a sweet gentle soul who likes making music and plays benefits at Mount Everest for people with cancer. On one of his promos he says “When people hear me play I just want them to feel like they just can’t help but be happy, all they can do is dance and smile.”

I must say that this is a far cry from the desperation that drives many of the great musicians that I love. Alas, the new world is an open space with room for all types of artists, the good the bad the ugly the kind the normal and the talented.

I can’t wait to check out the whole cd. Catch Brett live as he tours through your town, people…


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