The Hangover 3

STORY BY Talia Aroshas

Published: June 10, 2013

I was really excited just before going to see The Hangover III---like, really.

That being said, I am now really excited that there is something out there more tragically desperate than myself.

When The Hangover graced the world, and our hearts, four years ago it was because it was a brilliant, sharp, offensive comedy with classy crude humor, originality, lovely musical numbers, and, of course, a lion.  Seemingly made a classic overnight, I remember even going to see it in theatre twice—once in attempts to salvage a horrible date, and the second time because I just wanted Bradley Cooper in my life.

Needless to say, when the second installment hit theatres two years ago, I couldn’t wait. And I wasn’t disappointed; for although a lot of fans criticized the movie for being a mirrored version of the first, I was content because I am wise and knew to expect exactly that. After all, if that is what had worked the first time, why would the screenwriters wish to diverge? And there’s also the age old saying, “don’t mess with a good thing.”

Except this time they did, and the result is a hum-drum comedy with tired jokes, make shift plot, awkward dialogue, and a funny little Asian guy.

Playing against its very title, there are no hangovers involved in this movie, which is fine. As a matter of fact, a third movie with the exact same plot might have been a bit too predictable; but what is missing from this film, which includes the same formula of our favorite trio (known as The Wolf Pack) having to rescue their dear friend from a violent, money laundering crook, is the energy, zest, and well, life that can be found in both the first and second installments.

What the movie does have, however, is a talented cast in the form of Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifinakis, Ken Jeong, and yes, John Goodman that save it from being utterly boring and abysmal with their clever, brilliant deliveries.

I did almost walk out halfway through, but I stayed till the end because I believe in seeing life all the way through—the second half is a bit better so I’m glad I did. This is also to say that if you do find yourself itching to leave and you’ve made it halfway through, give it 10 more minutes. If you then, still want to leave, you are a tougher critic than I am and kudos to you.

If you are a Hangover lover, such as myself, do see this movie—you owe yourself that. But don’t be disappointed when you feel as though you are being begged to laugh and smile. Just humor it like you would an annoying friend, broken hearted former lover, or I don’t know, your obstrusive next door neighbor.



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