The Destiny Makers for the ET UFO Awareness Earth Presence

STORY BY Naomi Semeniuk

Published: June 19, 2013

The  Director of the Paradigm Research Group Stephen Bassett has cornered the White House to pay attention by inviting  our government officials, UFO experts & military officers to reveal the whole truth & nothing but the truth about the UFO ET presence on earth at the Citizen Hearing at the National Press Club

in Washington DC which took place from April 29- May 3,2013.  A cosmic metamorphosis awaits for those who keep denying the diversity of other species & alien life forms out there in those 100 billion  galaxies who have been visiting earth for millennia & long before as well.  Our military & government officials have been aware of the Extraterrestrial  UFO earth presence for over 60 years.

Because of security clearance classifications & secrecy vows connected to covert operations, those sworn to secrecy in military or government couldn’t  say anything about ET UFO revelations but today a lot  of top officials in military & government are  speaking up  & they were present at the Citizen Hearing 2013.  Many in the military or government are still fearful because of their pensions & families.  They’re so many fine upstanding UFO ET destiny makers for earth awareness who have been educating the masses who will listen to discussions about this mighty potent presence on earth & humanity’s role.  Extraterrestrial species & extraterrestrial advanced worlds is an inevitable destiny for our planet & the super advanced technology it brings which would save the planet from its downward spiraling destiny. 

The Citizen Hearing which took place was organized by our nation’s most  pioneering bodacious UFO ET innovative advocate, Mr.Stephen Bassett. Mr.Bassett is a proactive professional, a titan in the field who won’t take no for an answer from the White House or any upper government hierarchy regarding this issue. When denial of the ET UFO earth presence is denied or  put under wraps, Mr.Bassett  moves into  full throttle  &  invites the heavy weights with the undeniable evidence at the  National Press Club in Washington DC where this UFO world  summit type meeting took place. There were forty experts with high ranking credentials & undeniable credibility.

These experts included retired Captain Robert Salas & with the testimony of Captain Salas who told the world that these unidentified flying objects have indeed disabled nuclear weapons facilities.  Captain Salas was a witness to a UFO completely disabling nuclear weapons in 1967 in Malmstorm Montana. A UFO hovered over  a nuclear missile site & disabled ten nuclear missiles  making them dysfunctional & inoperable in 1967. An alarm went off & ten missiles were inoperable. Missile silos & nuclear weapons sites  becoming inoperable is cause alone to pay attention to the power of this UFO world phenomena. Captain Salas told the world about this at Citizen Hearing although the information is easily accessible.

 It also wouldn’t be the first time a UFO would render a nuclear weapons facility or a missile silo site inoperable.  “Faded Giant” written by Captain Salas & J. Klotz would be a mind opener to these UFOS having a history of disabling our nuclear weapons facilities. Captain Salas had first hand experience with this. Captain Salas was a witness to it.  There’s been a long UFO history of UFOS & nukes for a very long time now. Captain Salas also has a new book entitled “Unidentified” which would also be a mind blowing read.

 The UFOS win out every time in causing the nuclear weapons to break down & fail to function when they hover over nuclear facilities & no one can stop them. Senator Gravel from Alaska who participated at the Citizen Hearing said that military officers have seen UFOS hovering over the IBCM missiles totally incapacitating them in Wyoming & South Dakota. The missiles just couldn’t function & couldn’t  work so whoever these non human ET species were & are, it’s they who have the  know how to do this with their out of this world super advanced technology.

Senator Gravel  asserted that there’s a massive UFO government conspiracy keeping information from us.  Senator Gravel seems to express an expressed desire to initiate an openness about these  UFO/ET  incidents & bring an end to secrecy. Senator Gravel also divulged a fact that most people don’t know about which is that we most certainly have a space based  detection system out there detecting all objects that come into our earth atmosphere.

 It’s super advanced & ex intelligence officer George Filer who was also at Citizen Hearing of Filer Files revealed such a deep space detection system in one of his George Filer files on his website.   We have something  called SBSS space based space surveillance system sensor ready to detect all deep space objects coming to earth. It has deep technological capabilities. It’s out there as Senator Gravel revealed.

 It’s a sensor alert system to detect all deep space objects & a very elite Air  Force based surveillance system. SBSS works together with the space surveillance network. I also understand that it’s immune to weather interference &that it has war defense capabilities.  George Filer is also a destiny maker for UFO earth awareness & UFO education for the masses & reveals this  to his readers in his Filer Files.  When Senator Gravel  talked about this space based surveillance tracking system it only confirmed what George Filer has been saying all along.

Prominent world famous UFO hacker Gary McKinnon in England who was awaiting extradition to the US for trial regarding his arrest into hacking US  UFO files  talked about a fleet out there in deep space with non terrestrial officers years ago. Of course we would all love to know who the non terrestrial officers are.     At Citizen Hearing, Representative Merrill Cook from Utah also urged that the UFO files be open. I believe most Americans would agree.  

Americans are in  kindergarten   when it comes to UFO/ ET history & the documents that support the fact that we’re not alone. They’re other high ranking  military officers who spoke at  Citizen Hearing such as  retired  Sergeant Penniston of the Rendlesham forest incident in 1980  in England. Back in 1980 if the Rendlesham incident alone had come into the global public consciousness with our US military officers who witnessed the Rendelsham incident  holding a news conference back then, the world back then would have become  educated about how these immensely earth shaking incidents alone are subjects that may very well determine humanity’s future on the planet. The world back then would have known that we’re definitely not alone in the universe.  

Retired Sergeant Penniston touched the UFO triangular craft that landed in Suffolk, England in  Rendelsham forest in 1980 & had remembered an alien type  message, a sequence of ones & zeros which Penniston remembered very clearly on the alien triangular craft.  Penniston had written the sequence of ones & zeros in his notebook about the Rendelsham incident. It was a binary code no one knew back then. There were also hieroglyphic type writings  on the craft.

The alien message was deciphered something about ET continuing the exploration of humanity.

There were non human beings in this craft & these non human beings came outside the craft. It’s my understanding that these non human entities could have been future travelers or us in the future.  This aspect of these  amazing surreal events is  still being researched to this day by Linda Moulton Howe & others.  The entire incident has profound implications.  Extraterrestrials  were witnessed by US military in this very extraordinary event in 1980. Were what they witnessed time travelers from the future?  

Many US military were witnesses to these amazing events in Rendlesham forest which occurred during three consecutive nights in December 1980.  Retired Sergeant Penniston has been very vocal about the effects of this life changing event. The Rendelsham events is still a UFO conundrum as are so many of them but Rendelsham is a major event that should be a priority UFO event with all of its gripping mysteries remaining unanswered & unsolved to this day.   

The Rendelsham UFO also buzzed over  the US nuclear weapons facility in Rendlesham during the incident. When it did, the UFO emanated rays  of streaking lights at the nuclear weapons. The US military officers retired Sergeant Penniston & John Borroughs  have re-visited Rendelsham & have analyzed  the incident that changed their lives forever. They’re all trying to understand it.  The Rendelsham UFO incident was & still is an on going investigative quest for all of the US military personnel who were there including retired Colonel Charles Halt whose Halt memo describing the sequences  of the unearthly strangeness is a UFO document that’s honored today.  

The object that looked like an eye & an object exploding into smaller fragments, the red light that was pulsating in  Rendelsham forest all of this Colonel Halt reported & left for prosperity but  all of these historical UFO events in particular the Rendlesham event would have been a life changing moment for our entire planet if our country had made an announcement about it back then.

 Rendlesham was  an unprecedented  moment that the history of our planet missed out on but it’s not too late to inspire the masses to learn about it.  Colonel Halt  in his  audio recording of Rendelsham as it was occurring used words like “Weird” “Strange”. Their human senses had never experienced anything like what happened in Rendelsham & never have since then.

There’s nothing to ridicule but the incurable ignorance of man’s refusal to recognize  that we’re not the crowning glory of the universe. Another fine upstanding UFO expert  on the Rendlesham incident is Peter Robbins my dear UFO expert friend who also testified at the Citizen Hearing. Mr.Robbins is a world reknown UFO expert who’s been giving lectures on the Rendlesham incident for many years.

Mr.Robbins has never stopped  teaching & informing audiences about  this earth shaking event. Mr.Robbins has  also visited & participated in UFO conferences about Rendelsham &  has also visited the spots where this happened. He also participated  in a  Rendelsham conference in England. Peter Robbins is a tireless scholar on the Rendelsham event & the world’s most foremost authority on it lecturing world wide in many UFO conferences.    

Larry Warren &  Peter Robbin’s book on the Rendlesham incident is also a must read “Left at East Gate” which Peter Robbins  co-authored  with Larry Warren who was US military & in Rendlesham at the time of the event. Larry Warren lived the event & has also been a crusader for Rendelsham disclosure since 1980. “Left at East Gate” has been updated & Mr.Robbins has been chronicling it as new exciting revelations about the  Rendelsham incident just keep mounting.

 The testimony of Larry Warren who also witnessed   Rendlesham close hand is very important & compelling.  Mr.Warren’s written testimony about these  incredible events which became all too real are described in detail in this historic book  “Left at East Gate” By Larry Warren & Peter Robbins.  America needs to become informed on UFO/ET history & reality which Citizen Hearing set  out to do.  

Mr.Robbins is a spectacular erudite UFO lecturer  & writer. An artist in his own right he’s also a UFO  scholar in the field & an esteemed professional.  He mesmerizes his audiences & incentivizes  them to delve deeper into  UFO truth & UFO  facts that Mr.Robbins loves to share. We need to have the names of the 40 UFO  expert witnesses who participated in Citizen Hearing 2013  become  household names. We need to study this subject matter seriously & the White House needs to meet the UFO experts like Mr. Robbins & retired military who participated meet in the White House for many meetings & education combined with the evidence about the subject.

Yes President Clinton would have been the one to open our UFO files. He’s the one who got the closest. I believe Hillary Clinton if elected President will be the one. Hillary is a world power player & would win at UFO truth disclosure.  The  6th man to walk on the moon Apollo 14, US former astronaut Edgar Mitchell was also an expert witness at this Citizen Hearing. When US astronauts go on record with  UFO reality out there, everyone should pay attention. Former astronaut Edgar Mitchell has been talking about UFO/ET reality for years. He talks about a very powerful clandestine group very knowledgeable about extraterrestrial visitations.

Mitchell reveals that there’s a preponderance of first hand data about UFO flying craft beyond this world. Mitchell met high ranking former intelligence people who know about the crashed UFOS & how extraterrestrial bodies have been recovered. It’s been shrouded  in secrecy which Mitchell points out. It’s Mitchell who says that these UFOS have no evil, hostile or malevolent intent. Mitchell  also goes into how the subject of UFO disinformation is a deflection of the truth. It has always been that way. That’s been true for too long. Many of these other worldly craft are the size of a football stadium as Mitchell points out.  

If Forbes had a list of the most powerful women today in the UFO field, the field of science & environmental  reporting & the science of anomalous phenomena on earth today, it would be Linda Moulton Howe. Ms.Howe has received awards for her science & environmental reporting. Ms.Howe was one of the Citizen Hearing experts focusing on ET intelligences out  there with  different agendas. Ms.Howe reminds us of the diversity of alien species visiting  earth.

Ms.Howe also talked about atomic testing in White Sands. Howe pointed out that when we unleashed man’s creation, the ultimate annihilator, the atomic bomb the result was a proliferation of extraterrestrial craft appearing all over the planet. That’s exactly what’s been historically recorded. The fact is that UFOS have never left earth because they’ve been seen since the early civilization of man.   

Ms Howe testified that after we unleashed the ultimate destructive force of the atomic bomb that was the dawn of man’s awakening to these UFO craft  in modern times but man has seen non man made craft in the skies of the earth through out time immemorial. The doomsday atomic bomb awakened the ET mind to come to earth in droves because it was of dire concern to them that man might unleash this evil power into their territory in outer space. Their actions speak louder than any human words could about their fierce objections to the proliferation of nuclear weapons on earth among ET species who render nuclear weapons inoperable.   Before the Roswell incident in 1947 occurred many UFO craft appeared all over the country.

Ms.Howe whose website I recommend to the world & UFO & environmental watchers is Linda Moulton Howe also commented  at Citizen Hearing on the unsolved horror mysteries of the cattle & animal mutilations which have been occurring for so many years where ranchers have seen cows &other  animals from their ranches beam up in a ray of light in what looks like an ET craft & then found their corpses elsewhere or close to their rancher’s territory with organs surgically removed  from their bodies.

It’s always bloodless without a trace of the animal’s blood every time. No foot tracks or foot prints of any kind are ever seen with these dreadful animal mutilations. Blood is drained from the mutilated animal victims & animal predators never go near a mutilated animal. This is all quite gruesome & horrific. Animals on earth suffer endlessly at man’s cruel dominance of them.

Ms.Howe has introduced a horrifying subject matter to Citizen Hearing but it had to be introduced without question. These grisly cattle, horse & other animal mutilation murders include many animal species with the cruel perpetrators never leaving  behind any human DNA  for evidence & no blood, no human tracks or footprints  of any kind on the ground at all.

This is  the equivalent of a high tech modern day invisible Jack the Ripper phantom monster but without any trace of any evidence left behind coming  in the dark of night to many ranches & owner’s  properties using some kind of advanced technology to drain the blood & excise organs surgically then  placing the animals near or far from their residences.

Lights in the sky have been seen by ranchers before many animal mutilations. Black unmarked helicopters are also many times a noted  presence in the animal mutilation murders. Where are they from? Who’s spearheading this? Where are the organs going to & for what? Where’s the blood going to after it’s drained? Are the animals alive when these horrors are being done? No screams from animals being mutilated are ever reported.

Why kill innocent animals? Are the dirty deeds done in the craft that are seen? What’s the agenda??

How can this be stopped? How can we bring the perpetrators to justice? How can we destroy this evil?  Ms.Howe has been near mutilated cows & other animals always extracting tissue samples from the mutilated animal victims for research.  It’s always a tragic scene. Ms. Howe has been doing this consistently. She  courageously continues  to seek  ultimate answers about how these healthy  animal mutilated victims died through her investigative science reporting.    

Ms.Howe after interviewing many ranchers is convinced that some species of ET are the cause of  these horrific animal mutilation murders throughout the world. The ranchers who have been interviewed by Linda Howe say it’s not humans doing this. They’ve seen the craft, the lights & often times the black unmarked helicopters connected to the animal mutilations. There was a terrible cow mutilation in Montana. In Colorado, the western states & the Midwest numerous mutilations have occurred & continue to occur. They continue worldwide as well.  The ranchers & property owners are always in the state of shock.  

This is a world wide horror phenomenon   happening everywhere in the world. This  has been unsolved for many years & the victims have also been global with horses, cows sheep & all kinds of animals including cats have been mutilated in this strange gruesome manner leaving no trace of anything. Animal predators & cults are not the perpetrators because of the surgically precise removal of vital organs & bloodlessness involved.

 No one has been caught red handed either.  It’s monumentally important that this terrible  aspect of these unexplained mysteries be known, studied & divulged with the mutilator’s  faces & names known.

Cults &  animal  predators have been ruled out because no blood is present since it has been drained. It’s not insects or bugs either. The ranchers need to have their voice heard as to how they’ve tragically lost their animals to such  bizarre inexplicable killings  & the owners of any animal mutilated in this fashion need to be vocal about it also.  I’m stunned that the ranchers & owners of mutilated animals across the country have not organized themselves demanding to know what’s going on. Linda Moulton Howe is also a great crusader for animal mutilation truth & continues to be.   

Dr. Steven Greer was the first UFO truth crusader to initiate these Washington DC National Press Club hearings on the reality of UFOs & ET species in our world back in 2001. Dr.Greer a UFO world lecturer , researcher & UFO ET scholarly expert  on the UFO phenomenon. Dr.Greer  disagrees with Ms.Howe’s conclusion  that an ET species are the ones doing the animal mutilations.

Dr.Greer is a former emergency doctor from Virginia with his 500 witnesses in government & military also willing to give their powerful knowledge & testimony of this subject with the evidence to support his facts.  Dr.Greer has captivated the world & world governments with his accurate coruscating knowledge of the entire UFO ET subject. Dr.Greer’s website is  or & more interesting than any ordinary social media network.

As far as the macabre heart wrenching  animal mutilations are concerned, the jury is still out unless Dr.Greer who’s got an insider track on all of this gives a world summit on the mysterious grisly animal mutilations  since he says they’re  military mutilations. Dr.Greer must elaborate & explain it to the world when he says the bizarre animal mutilations are military animal mutilations.  

And what of the mysterious unmarked helicopters associated can you tell us who & what’s their agenda?  How are they connected to these heartbreaking scenes with animals tongue’s missing & missing hearts & other body parts completely removed? Why are these horrific  animal mutilations occurring?  

 It’s a shocker that the perpetrators of this have not been caught & prosecuted. Dr.Greer uses the expression Childhood’s End which is also a book by the late Arthur C.Clarke but yes Dr. Greer is so right because it’s a time for childhood’s end with this subject & the cessation of the dumbing  down of America. Dr.Greer himself with his program called “Ambassadors to the Universe” is a multiple witness to ET craft in many places.

It’s important that every one see Dr,Greer’s film “Sirius Never Ending Light” which every  UFO enthusiast & advocate is looking forward to seeing. It’s all non fiction based the on going research with the exemplary scientific efforts of Dr.Greer.  Dr.Greer reminds the world that the free energies are within our grasp & that zero point energy & the electromagnetic systems of free energies can be a salvation for our planet if only our leadership would make this known & make it possible. Dr.Greer says we have the capability to take ET home to the stars. We’ve back engineered ET propulsion systems trying to perfect them.

Dr.Greer reminds us that the great scientist genius Nicola Tesla  discovered free energy in 1902 but Jay P.Morgan & the greedy masters of the universe sabotaged all of this knowledge. I also recommend that everyone read Dr.Greer’s books  because to be captivated listening to the ET UFO scholarship of Dr.Greer is to have non physical brain surgery with a smart pill while your brain is being reconnected to the universe in a way it has never been!

Dr.Greer also reminds us of reconnaissance alien vehicles all over the planet watching us. His scientific team is courageous because Dr.Greer has his free energy research soaring which  must be protected from being shut down. Dr. Greer is a hero within a hero rising to the occasion when met with threats. Dr.Greer is a living  national treasure we must pay homage to & learn all we can from.             

A previous National Press Club meeting took place a few years ago  organized by Leslie Kean, a journalist & UFO researcher with the ET driving force  information she shared & investigated in her momentous book “UFOS  Generals Pilots &Government Officials  Go On Record”. Many pilots from all over the world were present & testified then. With the recent 2013 Citizen Hearing, some seasoned  pilots were present. The testimony  of Air Force Lt.Colonel French was worthy of attention when Lt.Colonel French recounted the Newfoundland incident in which  Lt.Colonel French saw extraterrestrials performing repairs in a submerged UFO in the water.

The UFO craft was circular & the non human ETS were about two or three feet tall, gray in color with two or three fingers. Their eyes were extremely slanted without pupils. Submerged UFOs  flying out of the oceans or into water are also witnessed many times.  Lt.Colonel French’s eyewitness testimony is extraordinary on every level.  

 Lt.French described how the UFO first appeared & rose at 2500 to 3,000 miles an hour & just disappeared. When the UFO returned about 20 minutes later it slowed down & stopped in mid air before it entered the water & Lt.Colonel French saw the extraterrestrials working on the UFO craft. UFO craft stopping in mid air has also been witnessed in other cases.  

Captain Jim Courant an experienced pilot was also a Citizen Hearing witness with his expertise & eyewitness experience who discussed his own sighting in 1995 when he & another pilot in Albuquerque New Mexico were eyewitnesses to an oval shaped object that was blue green. Like many pilots all over the world the impossible appeared before their eyes. A burning white light flashed before their eyes & it disappeared  shooting up at a 45 degree angle. Captain Courant makes a point of saying that no meteor can do that!      

 Their testimony was luminous with truth & surreal awesomeness. The experiences they had were also frightening because other worldly craft flying in restricted air space defying gravity over & over again can make any human military or commercial air  pilot concerned about safety & how to get out of such an incredibly unforeseen predicament alive.

 The senses of these pilots can’t keep up with what their human eyes are seeing. The eyes & senses can not believe that the impossible has visited in genuine form.  These extraterrestrial craft have capabilities beyond the limit.  These death defying maneuvers would kill or crush a human pilot. This issue will be as important as climate change, the economy & the future of the  planet or the extinction of it because of climate change.  

If Dr.Greer says that beyond the speed of light there’s consciousness &  that consciousness can interact with the guidance system of an ET craft then that alone should be the inspiration to try & understand that this world is a kind of  kindergarten planet in the elementary stage of evolvement if  other ET beings are capable of that kind of super advancement of that caliber on a most prodigious level.  

If ET art can speak of consciousness that goes beyond the speed of light then I would also pay homage to an ET painter from Yonkers NY who captures that ET consciousness on his canvas, collages & sculpture.  My ET artist friend is Paul Greco who has the Mothership Series a series of art works portraying ET consciousness which he created. I would say that Paul Greco is a modern day Leonardo DaVinci capturing the consciousness of ET craft & the ET equation on our planet. Mr.Greco’s ET art is a language between ET & human, an exchange of perceptions & ideas that reach the ET mind & soul & the human world.  Paul Greco’s art has been exhibited at the upstream gallery in Yonkers New York.  

Mr.Greco’s art is ET art at its most mystical & far reaching. His  ET inspired works like “Ascension” & “Reassembling the Mother Ship” & EBE 1 which stands for Extraterrestrial Biological Entity are wonderful introductions into the ET consciousness & a feeling for the ET presence which is Mr.Greco’s muse & inspiration of hope.  Paul Greco & former US astronaut Gene Cernan who’s also another  gifted  ET outer space artist both capture the mysteries of knowing we’re not alone  & recognizing ET worlds who’re visiting & have always been visiting.  

Going to see a Paul Greco exhibit is a joyous experience in understanding a presence that man has a destiny with. Mr.Greco & Francine Vale are both organizers of UFO Roundtable an ET UFO advocacy meet up group educating the community in Yonkers New York.  Francine Vale is a spiritual healer & a spiritual teacher in the spiritual aspects of man’s evolving role in the Cosmos with multiple beings & numerous multiple worlds.  Mr.Greco’s & Ms.Vale’s  lives have been forever  changed with their own personal UFO experiences & eyewitness UFO accounts.  

When the old series of Stargate SG1 introduced the beginning of the program with its ravishing rhapsodic orchestral music & Dean Anderson the star of Stargate SG1 genuflected on one knee extending his hand to a small gray alien with huge bug eyes, I would always get chills up & down my spine as I was transfixed waiting for the day when the earthly powers that be would announce that ET & ET craft have been happening for a long time but shrouded in secrecy.Dr.Greer reminds us that President Eisenhower met ETS & that ET craft flew over Washington DC in 1952.

In the former  Stargate SG1 series,  the character of Dean Anderson playing a military intelligence agent using  a stargate to get to other world planets  with his team never points a gun in the direction of the gray alien but works alongside with him to further man’s evolution & evolvement throughout the universe.  The time is long overdue for UFO ET visitation disclosure because it’s never been more mandatory or more effective than it is today. All the while as we witness  the  titans & destiny makers mentioned here & others for UFO presence awareness for earth of  genuine UFO ET information. Congratulations to those  who gathered at the National Press Club Citizen Hearing 2013 & who’re extending  their hand to ET.

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