Teen Girl Discovers Why You Never Want to Sit Next to Justin Bieber

STORY BY Jessica Elizabeth Pawlarczyk

Published: July 7, 2013

Besides making preteen girls swoon, superstar singer Justin Bieber has another super power: fame by proximity.

College student Haleigh Youtie found out the true strength of Biebs’s celebrity status when she wound up sitting next to him at a Miami Heat basketball game. The paparazzi and press quickly jumped on the fact that Justin was sitting next to a pretty brunette that was not Selena Gomez, and unsurprisingly, they started a plethora of rumors about Haleigh. (The most common rumor of course was that Haleigh was Bieb’s date to the game.)

Haleigh has denied such rumors and simply says that she randomly sat next to Bieber due to luck…  Or perhaps a lack of it.

After instagraming a photo of herself with Justin, the once-average teen was boosted to stardom.

“I check at the game, and I have 1,000 follower requests. Literally, people finding out all my info and liked. Twelve-year-old fan page girls were like, ‘We’re going to come beat you up,’” she said.

Reportedly, the amount of threats she received was enough to make her feel unsafe and leave the game early. Additionally, Haleigh had to immediately change all of her social media accounts to private.

“Literally, I was honestly scared for my life,” she said.

Haleigh also shared with WSVN News that Bieber wasn’t exactly the “friendliest” person. She tried to strike up a conversation with the singer several times, but “he just wasn’t feeling it.” Bieber sat stone-faced through most of the game, avoiding Haleigh’s small talk and answering her with one-word responses.

“It was just really uncomfortable,” Haleigh said.

Oh we bet.

In addition to being annoying in a general sense, you can now see that the Biebs has another character flaw — fame by osmosis— that gives the public another reason to be over the once-popular performer. More importantly, it’s about reason # 1000  that I’m not a “Belieber.”

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