Star Trek is for Nerds

STORY BY Talia Aroshas

Published: May 27, 2013

Four years ago I was taken to J. J Abrams reboot of the Star Trek saga against my will---like, really.  In my head, Star Trek was for nerds, where I was a dork. In my head, I wouldn’t be able to follow the plot because I had never seen an episode of Start Trek and couldn’t speak Klingon. And in my head, I would hate the movie simply because it would be boring, outdated, and much like an inside joke I did not care to be apart of.

I was wrong.

Much like the guy who took me to see it, I fell quick and hard for the flick. As a matter of fact, I remember wanting to turn around and see it again as soon as we had walked out. And so of course, when Abrams much anticipated second installment hit theatres this weekend, I was ready and waiting.

The film opens on an unspecified primal planet with, comparatively unattractive inhabitants, who have “barely invented the wheel.” The Enterprises’ purpose for being on said unspecified planet is to disturb the very ways of nature and prevent a ready brewing volcano from erupting. To do so, the unflinching Vulcan, Officer Spock (Zachary Quinto), is sent into the oversized microwave, risking his life, with some future world contraption in order to stop the flames from rising and obliterating the universe.

The audience cringes in anticipation for this first time in the movie, not knowing whether our cold, unfeeling, dear Spock will live. Which, of course, he does or there wouldn’t be much of a movie to follow. Regardless, it is this event that births a subplot of the adorable kinship aboard the Enterprise, and furthers our understanding of their very humanity. It also lends itself to fantastically sharp, and sarcastic, quick-witted jokes.

The movie really starts, however, when evil is presented in the form of a “man” named Khan—who, side note, I knew was an important player on the Star Trek circuit when a group of Trekkers within the theatre let out a collective sigh of “oh”! And played by brilliantly British actor, Benedict Cumberbatch (yes, that’s an actual person’s name), Khan is all elements eerie, evil, tricky, and unnerving. Take caution when he speaks, and think fast as he approaches you. He leads a devious ploy to sidestep the Enterprise and use them to help in his own plot against, well, the world, and he almost gets away. But what’s smarter than a man who knows everything and seemingly can’t feel pain or die? The sharp minds of a hot-headed captain, fast thinking almost human officer, Klingon speaking lady of the ship, and new adopted weapon’s specialist. Boom.

With this perfect evil the movie has every element it needs to be a bold blockbuster: suspense, action, thrills, wit, brazen characters, endearing relationships, and most importantly, an easy to follow plot that makes any prior knowledge of Star Trek completely unnecessary.  I should know.

In preparing yourself to see this movie, prepare to be thoroughly entertained, expect nothing less or more, and you’ll have a grand old time at the movies. 

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