Remembering Cory Monteith. From Glee to gone, a life cut too short.

STORY BY Candy Washington

Published: July 20, 2013

Cory Monteith may have played naïve, sweet, and lovable Finn Hudson on Fox’s hit show, “Glee,” but he was also fighting his own dark battle against drug addiction. Unfortunately, he may have lost that battle. Cory unexpectedly passed away, at the age of 31, on July 13th following his most recent stint in rehab. The exact cause of death is still being investigated and his autopsy is scheduled for today.

Although he was born in Calgary, Alberta, his parents divorced when he was seven and Cory was raised in Victoria, British Columbia by his mother. He turned to drugs and alcohol by the age of 12 and was in and out of 16 different schools before a family intervention at 19, after which he checked himself into rehab for the first time.

Determined to turn his life around, Cory looked to acting as an escape. He quickly landed roles in "Stargate Atlantis," "Supernatural," and "Kyle XY," prior to landing his break-out role on “Glee.” Part of Cory’s charm and what made him perfect for the role was his boyish innocence fortified by an unspoken strength and wisdom. He didn’t only find solace in acting but he also found love. Cory was dating his co-star, Lea Michelle, for over a year and the couple was rumored to be getting married in two weeks.


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In spite of his demons, Cory was an inspiration and advocate for young teens going through drug abuse, alcohol addiction, and facing homelessness. He was very vocal and transparent about his own drug abuse, revealing he use to, “do anything and everything, as much as possible,” and spent nights sleeping under bridges and tents. He openly admitted to having relapsed and seemed to be recovering well after he was released from rehab two months ago.


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The tragic truth behind the young star’s death is still being determined but what is clear is that regardless of fame or fortune, we are all human. Cory bravely tried to fight his addictions and used his fame as a platform for youth advocacy. He was a true talent whose life was cut short, as Hollywood mourns this loss, so does the world.

If you or a loved is battling an addiction please call 1-800-234-8334 or visit for help.


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