It was 37 years ago today... The Ramones

STORY BY Howie Pyro

Published: April 27, 2013

For “Rock historians” it’s nothing to say that 37 years ago this week, The Ramones first album came out, with no remembrance or emotion. For people in my age range who were old enough to be dissatisfied with the music scene of that time, as music fanatics, but young enough (under 18) to be extremely adventurous & pliable, hearing The Ramones first record was a massive life changing moment. Even though other new innovative/punk records also came out around that same time (Patti Smith, etc.), they were pretty adult oriented and NOT The Ramones. To quote my friend Pat Fear from the band White Flag: “37 years ago today, I got this album the day it came out, while looking for something else in the R section; the cover photo got my attention, as it looked liked the stoners from my high school had made a record; the song titles and song LENGTHS told me this was subversive and needed to come home with me. Reading the lyrics on the way home with my parents driving made me think this band was very very odd...then the first two seconds after the needle dropped, EVERYTHING changed, forever...”

A statement like this is not thrown off lightly, it represents literally what a small percentage of the teenage world felt. And most of these people would become major “movers & shakers” of that generation. The Ramones have become, in their absence, sadly, exactly what they should have been all along. The Beatles of our generation. They should have had girls screaming louder than the music, Saturday morning cartoons, lunchboxes, comic books, colorforms, action figures…all of it.



Nothing in the history of music has been so ill fated in it’s lifetime. And in the lifetime of it’s main members. Thankfully Johnny, Joey & Dee Dee saw a glimpse of their coming popularity in their last moments alive. They truly deserved, early in their career, while they were making their 2nd or 3rd album and for the rest of their time as a band to be what the world finally recognized them as: The Beatles of our generation. Long live The Ramones, the greatest band in the world, ever.

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