Queens of the Stone Age reborn…

STORY BY Holly Ramos

Published: June 9, 2013

Truly cool music

Ah Death, the fantastic gift it gives the living, a reminder about how fragile life is, or an invitation to realign our selves with our priorities, which we may have veered from. Death is an especially wondrous gift when the death in question was our own and it was only momentary, short enough that we lived despite it and got to reap its benefits in this, our very lifetime.

Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age “died briefly” during an operation on his leg in 2010. And according to interviews, he had a hard time writing again. I am glad he got over the hurdle because reportedly one of the first songs that emerged was the brilliant “The Vampyre of Time and Memory.”

On this dark and lovely song, Homme’s vocals sound like a present vintage Bowie (as they do on several other tracks) and they bare so much depth and experience and emotion. You know exactly what he is asking you personally when he sings “Does anyone ever get this right?” Yet, as much as I focus on and am moved by words and voices, there are moments in music when a chord change or a melody line contain so much feeling that I do not need words, where we can experience it in the non verbal realm. And this song had that element as well.

Buy the single or check out the album if you dare to be adventurous, as the new Queens Of the Stone Age album ….Like Clockwork, dropped this week. It is their first in five years. Other than missing drummer Joey Castillo, it has everything else you would want from QOTSA and more, like the glam rock piano on “Fairweather Friends” and lots of special guests.

QOTSA will be touring all over Europe and America this summer and fall. Check ‘em out.


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