Portia de Rossi Maybe Had Plastic Surgery. Who Cares? She’s Still Hilarious.

STORY BY Candace Bryan

Published: June 15, 2013

Now that the new season of Arrested Development is available on Netflix, the cast members are once again receiving a lot of media attention. But one cast member in particular has received a slew of negative comments, tweets, and internet articles, all focused on one think: her appearance.

It appears that Portia de Rossi (known for playing Lindsay Bluth-Funke on the show and for being partners with Ellen Degeneres in real life) has had plastic surgery. And in a world where such a fact is newsworthy, everyone on the internet is weighing in, from mean tweets to snarky articles. Like the following:

@DontCallMeATG wrote: “Portia De Rossi got wayyyyyy too much plastic surgery…I’m sure she would have aged well too. It’s a damn shame.”

@TheMindofHarris said: “Lots of debate abt the new #ArrestedDevelopment season, but 1thing is certain. Portia De Rossi looks like an alien now w the plastic surgery”

"But it’s still sad when you see a beautiful actress like Portia De Rossi change her face like this." -Crushable

Firstly, it’s not even obvious to me that Ms. De Rossi has actually undergone plastic surgery (and she herself has made no statement confirming the rumors). It looks to me like perhaps she thinner and older, and is wearing way more makeup than she did in previous seasons of Arrested Development. We shouldn’t forget that makeup has an incredible power to fundamentally change the way someone’s face looks.

However, even if all the speculation is true, and she has indeed had plastic surgery, it’s really nobody’s business. If she had plastic surgery, that was her right. It’s her body and her face, not public property. It reminds me of when I was in college and I cut my hair really short. Some people told me they liked my hair better when it was long, and I told them I hadn’t cut my hair short because I thought they would like it. I did it for myself, and I loved the way I felt after doing so.

And yes, plastic surgery is more extreme than a haircut. Yet, it’s fascinating that certain publications will lambast celebrities for gaining weight, for looking tired, or for appearing disheveled after going to the gym. But then, as soon as a celebrity caves to the pressure to be perfect, suddenly they’re too thin, wearing too much makeup, or they’ve “ruined” their face with plastic surgery.

I’ve talked before about my belief that celebrities deserve a certain amount of privacy, but the criticism they receive about their appearance is a different issue, and is frequently absurdly sexist and, as I said above, hypocritical. But it still falls under the fundamental issue of having “celebrity status”: the same way Kanye’s personal life shouldn’t affect how we hear his music, Portia de Rossi’s maybe-real plastic surgery doesn’t affect her performance. In my opinion, she’s as funny as ever in Season 4 of Arrested Development.

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