Now You See Me

STORY BY Talia Aroshas

Published: July 5, 2013

Picture yourself here: Las Vegas, Nevada, at a sold out performance of a fancy pants, showy magic show of which, at the end, you are showered with millions upon millions of dollars.

Hey, it could happen…(?)

The magically inclined characters of Louis Leterrier’s fast paced new movie, “Now You See Me,” would have you believe it could. Such magical creatures include a fast talking, arrogant trickster (Jessie Eisenberg), a devious, unpredictable mentalist (Woody Harrelson), a charming escape artist (Isla Fisher), and a young highly skilled thief (Dave Franco).

Four professional magicians who were, at first, trying to make a name for themselves in solidarity, they are scouted by a mysterious hooded individual and brought together as The Four Horseman, given a plan of action, and promised that if it is carried out they will become part of the coveted “Eye.”

And a year later, they perform the aforementioned act on a live stage with these details: the money doesn’t just fall from the sky, it is money stolen from a bank in Paris, which they have the audience believe, they have done right before their eyes.

From here, a logically inclined detective (Mark Ruffalo) is brought on to the case to make sense of this absurd bank robbery, and he is given a partner in the form of a pretty young French woman (Melanie Laurent)---flirtatious witty banter ensues.

What follows is a highly entertaining hour and change of quick tricks, sharp wits, and fortune flips as the horseman perform what is, seemingly, the will of Robin Hood as they steal from the rich who have, essentially, only received their fortune on behalf of the ill fate of the poor. And all the while these magical do-righters keep the FBI, the audience, and you on your toes as they always stay 2 steps ahead, never flinch, and never fumble.

With more twists and turns then Amanda Byne’s Twitter feed, Now You See Me, if anything, creates movie magic before your very eyes. However, if you’re a stickler for plot holes, you might want to either, lighten up, or see another movie.

Let logic leave you behind for a few hours and indulge in the fantastic; let your mind wander into a world of unknown and uncertain; and let Morgan Freeman astound you in his role of Not God, and more over, a money hungry, bitter failed magician. 

Do you believe in Magic?


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