Newest iPhone Update A Sign of Desperation?

STORY BY Artie Vincent

Published: July 5, 2013

Apple unveiled the biggest software update since the creation of the iPhone on June 10. The most glaring change has been its similarity to Android, Apple's closest competitor. Even so, the technology giant will never admit it felt heat with Android's growing sales. 

"TIm Cook has been talking about innovation but not many seem to believe him," said Nigam Arora of Forbes Magazine. "At Goldman's conference, Tim Cook said that innovation culture at Apple has never been stronger."

But over the last year, Apple has been mired in a slump. It hired a new hardware designer in Jony Ive. He also was put in charge of the software's interface design after Apple fired its former software designer Scott Fortstall following the large negative reviews of the iPhone's Apple Maps application. 

Then in the early portion of 2013, Apple allowed customers turn in it's iPhone 4 and 4S in exchange for a discounted iPhone 5. Finally the first quarter report came out. 

Time Magazine's Techland revealed the report, and Android was beating Apple in overall sales by more than 7 percent. Android's tablets, however, still trailed Apple by more than 10 percent. 

All the signs pointed that Apple's mobile reign as king was switching course.

In a recent article from, it reveals how much luster Apple iOS has lost, and how it was relegated to desperate moves. 

"The peculiar thing about this is that Apple has kicked off a remarkably aggressive series of promotions and price cuts to boost iPhone volumes. This seems to be having an impact.  Times of India is reporting that the new cash-back strategy has boosted iPhone sales volumes in India. The British USwitch sales tracker now shows three iPhone models among the six best-selling smartphones in the U.K.— in January, the best-selling Apple model placed at No.7."

 So that all leads to the Apple's iOS 7. 

Now there's the easy multi-tasking inbetween applications (just like on the Droid platform); and gone is the the grey, muted design, which replaced with a flat, colorful look (Again, a Droid staple). Apple also included new redesigns of Siri and added a easy-accessed control center. 

Essentially, everything has changed, including the keys on the keyboard to the typography. There's even an iTunes Radio. The camera and photo applications are newly designed -- featuring a similar format to that of Instagram (multiple filters for editing photos). 

Yes, the new platform will make the Apple iPhone appealing again. But will it be enough to surpass the Android in the last part of the year. 

"We wanted to take an experience that people know very well and add to it," Ive told NBC News. "We see iOS 7 as a defining an important new direction ... and in many ways, a beginning."



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