Good Morning Streets of New York...


Published: August 18, 2013

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Rant and I mean it, I am ranting because there is no other way to get my point across.
People do not listen, they do not hear anything, they are not focusing, they are too busy listening to music, texting, twittering, e mailing and using a device that was created to exchange information to run their lives. The machine has taken over, plain and simple and the automatons, using these things can't see how the very life within their veins is being taken away from them.  No one is forcing them to do this, the choice is theirs.
Why are they doing it? Because everyone else is, misery loves company, the masses like to stick together, they feel comfort by standing next to someone else who's doing the same thing they are, what a joke, following what someone else is doing instead of doing what they want to do or should be doing... Truth is not cool in that situation.
OK... lets start with the beginning.
The street in front of my apartment building, where I walk, where I emerge, where I live, where I sleep and eat and hopefully nourish myself and my body and soul.
Filth, shit everywhere, dirt, papers, cigarette butts, no matter how much the superintendant cleans the area in one hour its back to looking like shit again. Why? Because these humans who have given up their humanity, throw things out of the windows of their cars, they take food wrappers and toss them on the sidewalk, they let their dogs shit all over the place, they leave their condoms on the street for what, I have no idea, napkins, tampons, chicken bones, I mean did you ever look at the streets of New York, they look like the bottom of a garbage can.
Why? Because no one gives a fuck and the city of New York does nothing to clear these things from our lives.
I have no idea why the mayor doesn't say 500 dollar fines to anyone seen throwing anything on the street and give the power to the people to enforce that law, meaning if you see someone throwing a piece of paper on the street you can give that person a summons that is registered in the city of New York and like any other summons if it isn't paid that person is pursued the same way a parking violator is or any other misdemeanor criminal.
I mean its disgusting... I saw a rat lying dead on the street the other day... they say there are more rats living under this city then people living on the streets.
What the fuck is going on here?
If every person took a stand for this, bent their fat McDonalds filled assholes down and picked up the garbage on the street, we would have a different looking city but they don't. They figure let the next guy do it or 'who cares its not my place'.
The streets are made of concrete covering ground that was put there billions of years before we came to this planet.
Why on earth would someone throw shit on sacred soil that gives them the foundations and freedom to live the life they're living?
Why? Because they do not connect to things this way.
They think concrete is concrete and who gives a shit anyway.
Who gives a shit? I do...
Rant with me... and let's clean this fucking pigsty up.
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