Eddy Arnold meets Cheetah Chrome on You Don’t Know Me

STORY BY Holly Ramos

Published: July 28, 2013

Man, Eddy Arnold could write a song. He wrote the beautiful “You Don’t Know Me,” (with co-writer Cindy Walker) a classic country number that not only sounds like a Patsy Cline hit, but also evokes the emotion of one. Arnold himself recorded the song. A few years later it was a Ray Charles hit. The song was recorded by a number of great artists including Willie Nelson, Elvis, Bob Dylan, and Manfred Mann to name a few. Phew! That alone could be a fine legacy, but Arnold was so much more than that.

For those of you dears who do not know, Eddy Arnold was singer who performed for over 60 years, credited with being an inventor of the Nashville Sound and had 147 songs on the Billboard country charts, second only to George Jones. Phew again.

Eddy’s grandson Shannon Pollard recently decided to record a compilation of his grandfather’s work and he enlisted his friend, punk legend Cheetah Chrome to produce it. When invited, Cheetah thought he was not very familiar with Arnold’s music, until he began listening to it and realized he knew the songs from hearing his mother play the records and sing along.

Well, the resulting album, You Don’t Know Me, features an impressive range of artists covering the great songs made famous by Arnold. Many are legends of the rock and roll underground, including Cheetah, Syl Sylvain, and Frank Black, and then a whole array of country artists like Mary Gauthier show up. Mary covers the brilliant title track. The recoding is quite a romp through the Eddy Arnold catalog. Have fun!



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