The Game Changer for the Carriage Horses & NYC

STORY BY Naomi Semeniuk

Published: April 30, 2013

The breakthrough game changer for the carriage horses is the Avella Rosenthal bill for the senate & Assembly that will make New York history. The horses will have their day in the sun with a new life line ascending for them in a sanctuary or with new owners who will really love them & see that their welfare  & well being will be a game changer for them. An emancipation and liberation of New York's  most abused & suffering carriage horses totally free from their current miserable enslaved lives is what so many are working to accomplish and help is on the way.

The carriage horse's safety & future is a fight worth fighting for. We know of their silent suffering working more than nine hours a day to end up in stables, where there's never a healthy sleep at night, where there's no turn out room, no socialization no proper medical care  & no compassion for their chain of sorrows. They're sentient beings being treated like automatons or machines without feelings.

The litany of dangers, accidents & horse deaths are looming ominously every day for them. Even if there's a New York hurricane or storm coming, they're out there working til the last minute! The list of horse deaths are mounting  & we can't forget the horses who have died so tragically, Spotty, Smoothie Juliet Charlie & others. Many carriage horse related accidents go unreported. 

A horse named Oreo spooked frantically & ran into traffic. We never knew what happened to Oreo & others. This becomes a barrage of escalating tragedies that never have to happen. Many carriage horses are collapsing in the streets just out of their unmitigated fatigue, being overworked or sickness left neglected. Any Mayor who thinks that this form of brutality & danger brings tourism or logical rational jobs needs to be disqualified from running for Mayor. 

One only has to look into their doleful eyes to see a wellspring of miseries inside them that  they can not express in words but express in the hopelessness of their gaze.   If you walk up to any of the carriage horses & pet them lightly & gently, the message that resonates in their horse souls is to be free of their life of burdens, ordeals  & oppression. They're hungry to be natural horses looking forward to every day instead of looking forward to another day where more enslavement is waiting with more drudgery, senselessness and abuse, which is rampant.

The noxious fumes, steam  & all the traffic congestion is lethal to their health. Everyone one of us is a horse whisperer as the horses cry out in agony to us pleading for that long overdue ride to a natural TLC existence where pain, abuse death & suffering will be eradicated for them.

In the Senate it's the S667 & in the Assembly A997. This is a historic bill that will turn the tide for the carriage horses who have been the sacrificial lambs of the carriage horse industry for eons. This bill will also save the horses from slaughter, which is where they go when they can no longer work!

The slaughters of the horses when they can no longer work are visions of such unspeakable horror. I recommend that everyone see "Blinders" by animal & political activist & New York filmmaker Donny Moss. Check it out & wake up to supporting the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages "Blinders" is a chilling film about the atrocities of the carriage horse industry.    

For New York City, the S667 & A997 is a pure ban & a pure panacea to the many carriage horse related accidents which will put a permanent ban on the carnage we've been witnessing for years.  This bill is a bungee jump to safety & sanity in the streets & where multiple carriage horse accidents or horse deaths will be  no more. And just as important, the carriage horses will have sanctuary homes or owners who'll let them have that natural horse life as pets who do what horses were made to do!

A number of spooking horses have created chaos & danger for all concerned. It's a shocking sight that makes your heart stop when a carriage horse gets spooked running wildly in the congested noxious streets which is exactly what's happened so many times. It happened to Smoothie who was spooked to death & died instantly when she crashed into a tree. They're fragile sensitive creatures as they are 1500 to 2000 pounds big but  their hearts can stop suddenly when faced with a traumatic fatal spooking event. They sense terror just as humans do.

A disoriented scared terrified horse in the streets of Manhattan can lead to bloody accidents & fatal ones as well. The stench of alcohol from the carriage drivers & owners is a stench many who think a ride is fun shouldn't take. Alcohol problems & drinking problems with the carriage drivers & owners is prevalent & you'd be insane to trust or take a carriage ride with a drunken carriage horse driver!!

The carriage is weak & there are no seat belts or harnesses to protect anyone from a sudden detour perpetrated by a terrified spooked carriage horse. The carriage horse can  bolt & buck in a split second & in a split second people taking horse drawn carriage rides can fall to the ground bleeding with ambulances all around.  

The face of the horses must also be in pain with all of the harnesses & paraphernalia around their faces, which leaves scars on their faces such as the face of the rescued carriage horse Bobby Freedom who's enjoying his life at Equine Advocates. Blood flow is restricted & their mouths must be in pain. Bobby Freedom was rescued by the Coalition to Ban Horse Drawn Carriages & Equine Advocates from slaughter death at a horse slaughter auction. He's doing great today.

Spooking can come at any given moment. The area around the carriage horse hack line is a spooking event waiting to detonate. It's a boisterous carnival atmosphere where tourists see New York talent gyrating with frenzied dance steps. With New York being the show business capital of the world, it goes without saying that great talent is nurtured & grown here! They're so many theatrical shows indoors & outdoors not to mention the other sights & adventures New York has to offer. Why not catch the NYC ballet & frenzied classical dancing at its most exciting? Any Broadway show is an exhilarating experience.  

The 59th street & Fifth Avenue hack line area already is a world stage of artists & this can also be a spot where an outdoor talent showcase of a diversity of talents world wide can take on a microphone & belt their talent or dance their way to fame  but only if the horse drawn carriage ban is initiated with this bill & all of the horses are safe & alive with their new lives.     

A safer New York for children, pet animals & people should be the higher aim.   Who can forget the sight of "Charlie" the carriage horse who died on west 54th street because his symptoms were ignored or the pitiful heart wrenching sight of Smoothie spooking at the noise she felt that  terrorized her to death. Hasn't New York been spooked enough with this anachronism?  

No horse drawn human passenger will be at the high risk of either having a horrific accident or being killed if this bill is passed.  These flimsy carriages are the shackles of ancient minds who never thought of 21st century congested streets where toxins in the air is what is being inhaled. Let's exhale this insanity out for good!!

Members of the Senate & the Assembly have to know that New York traditions with the power to hurt, maim cripple & kill must be wiped out. Yes cars are accidents are also waiting to happen but the ride in cars are never dependent on an overworked, exhausted horse about to spook or crash into a vehicle.  Let's not add danger to more danger!  

Electric cars are not a feasible sane plan. New York is over the fiscal cliff & there's no money for more traffic pandemonium. This Intro 86 A is rubbish. The cost would be in the millions. Stop playing Russian roulette with precious lives! The ban must happen first & foremost.

Don't put carriage horses & electric cars together to cause more fatal accidents. There's no such thing as a phase out here of horse drawn carriages because a complete ban is paramount & that's what will work!  Play with these electric car toys only after there's a ban if you want to.  

The carriage horse drivers & owners know that it's time to call it quits because there's an expiration date on such antediluvian jobs. They'll be trained for other non-animal vehicles so jobs will not be lost. 

The smash ups with cars, horse drawn carriages & horses spooking in a disoriented frenzy running wild in the streets will no longer be a tourist's or New Yorker's sight of horrors or a sight that leaves animal activists shaking their heads in disgust & horror at the dangerous anarchy this business engenders. Put your hearts in the right place with the hearts of the horses & compassionate humans running in sync with the thundering enthralling sights & sounds of the gorgeous magnificent horses galloping to the greener pastures of joy, the liberating joy they've never had before with their new caregiving owner guardians not far from them! Equine justice for them is long overdue!

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