Back-to-school fashion trends with Teen Vogue and Candy Washington

STORY BY Candy Washington

Published: August 13, 2013

I remember when I was a young teenager growing up in Syracuse, New York, and the closest thing I had to guide me on what was “in style” was the cool clique of older girls and what was on display at Abercrombie at the local mall. My how the times have changed. Now there are blogs, fashion sites, magazines, online videos, tv shows, and more dedicated to what’s the latest statement piece, the hottest trends for summer and fall, must-have beauty products, and the fiercest fragrances.

Overwhelmed? Me too. I’m exhausted just by typing it all out, but don’t worry and look no further! I’ve teamed with Teen Vogue, the authority on teenage and young adult fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends, to bring what really should be on your back-to-school fashion lists. Watch below:

However, I did forget one key piece of advice to teenagers: forget about fashion.

Forget about beauty tricks. Forget about trends. Enjoy being young and embrace your childhood. It flies by so fast and you have your whole life to be an adult. When I think back on my early teen and teenage years, I remember sleep-overs, prom dates, hanging out with my older sister after school, riding my bike through the sleepy streets of Syracuse, raiding the candy bins at Wegman’s, writing love letters to my crush but being too chicken to give to him (thank goodness), friendship pacts, and soccer practice. I cannot recall what I wore and what were the hottest styles. So let fashion be fluff, a form of self-expression – do not let it define you and just enjoy being young.



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