AskMen’s 2013 ‘Great Male Survey’ Has Shocking Results!

STORY BY Jessica Elizabeth Pawlarczyk

Published: July 20, 2013

AskMen, a leading men’s lifestyle website, has released its much anticipated “Great Male Survey.” 

The annual survey covers a variety of topics, most notably men’s views towards dating, and polls hundreds of men from four different countries, including the U.S. 

American women should be especially interested in the survey’s results, as the startling findings reveal the average man’s true romantic desires. 

So what are some of the most surprising results?

For one, men do not consider sexy supermodels as ideal partners; when asked about their ideal girlfriend, 32 percent of men responded they preferred a personality like Jennifer Lawrence, while only 23 percent chose Kate Upton. (For the record, the quirky, comedic actress Emma Stone came in second to Lawrence with 31 percent of the votes.) Hmm… It seems that men truly do prefer a strong, smart woman over the impeccable looks of Miss Upton… 

This being said, 40.5 percent of men said that they would most like to date a “Bombshell” over other female archetypes, such as “The Strong Personality” (18.7 percent), “The Comedienne” (16.5 percent), “The Indie Film Star” (15.4 percent), and “The Award-Winner” (8.7 percent.) So much for men not harping on a potential mate’s looks! 

Along the same lines, when asked the following question, 49 percent of repondents said “yes”: “Would you dump a girlfriend if she gained a significant amount of weight?” Ouch. 

In terms of good news, 72 percent of respondents believe in the institution of marriage and plan to marry someday. Additionally, 74 percent of men say that they would “not at all likely” or “not very likely” cheat on their partner, even if she had no chance of ever finding out.

Other survey results suggest that a majority of men view their love lives in a light of equality; When asked, “Who should pay on a date?” half of the men polled responded that both parties should take turns. Nonetheless, a close 45 percent of men said that the man should always pay. 

Perhaps one of the most shocking statistics is the following: 72 percent of men said that if male birth control were available, they would take it. Clearly, today’s men seem much more open to taking responsibility when it comes to protected sex. Now only if such birth control actually existed… 

To check out more of the questions and answers from the “Great Male Survey,” click here. You may be pleasantly surprised by the percentage of men who wouldn’t make their future wife sign a prenup! 


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