Why Sadistic Puppy Killers Roam Free

STORY BY Naomi Semeniuk

Published: November 25, 2013

When I got home from my organic vegan shopping I turned on “Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell” & heard someone say “If they could do that to an animal, they could do it to a human”. As I listened intently I saw the tag lines & the picture of a tortured puppy who was beaten so horribly that the veterinarian said that he had never seen such a severe & horrifying beating such as this one.

The veterinarian said that this was the worst animal abuse case ever. The puppy’s tongue was sliced & the butchery done to this beautiful innocent sentient creature was downright evil, sadistic  & barbaric.

On August 31, 2013 the puppy pit bull was found in a Quincy Massachusetts playground left to die in unspeakable pain by her executioner who hadn’t been caught at that time.  The hunt for Puppy Doe’s killer had begun as HLN & Jane Velez Mitchell were all over the story. The puppy’s name was once Kiya. The torture has been described as Medieval & excruciating beyond description.   

No mention of the puppy’s killer at that time because the dog killer torturer  was still on the loose  but it took over two months  before the sadist culprit was caught. The torturer culprit with his monstrous act against Puppy Doe fresh in the minds of a shocked community in Massachusetts & nation is a Polish immigrant named Artur Czerkawski. Mr.Czerkawski is being held on 500,000 dollars bail & faces up to 55 years in jail which is 5 years for every cruelty count of which they’re 11 counts. 

As each count was cited in court a group of animal lovers, Puppy Doe sympathizers & mourners for this ill fated precious dog sobbed  & wailed loudly in the court house in Quincy Massachusetts. The Puppy Doe mourners in the court room also donned Puppy Doe’s photo & T Shirts. Every animal lover & activist across the country has been outraged & horrified by this act of evil sadism against this innocent puppy.  If someone had been wise enough to see that this man was a menace to society & reported something perhaps none of this would have happened because it would have been one more dangerous person off the streets.

Mr.Czerkawski was also forced to surrender his passport. He isn’t going anywhere where he can torture, stab beat or burn  anyone again.  

The puppy was euthanized without becoming someone’s permanent loving cherished pet without knowing that responsible human love would have been the life saving resuscitator for this beautiful doomed doggie who didn’t have to be doomed at all. It’s important to note also that Mr.Czerkawski also misled a police investigation.

The veterinarian who examined Puppy Doe named  Kiya at one time had never seen such a level of severe horrific injuries & torture this helpless  little pup endured. Her rescue came too late. Puppy Doe could not walk but was given lots of love with her last warm meal before she was euthanized. The post mortem revealed the very gruesome grotesque injuries with the starvation, beatings burning & stabbings she was viciously subjected to.   

Dr.Martha Blackmore was overcome when performing the necropsy & seeing the horrors that were revealed. She slipped  away to gain the strength & composure to finish the Puppy Doe necropsy. As Dr. Blackmore stated that Puppy Doe was a rack of broken bones.

Repeated blows to the head were revealed in the necropsy. Dr.Blackmore discovered a vertebrae  completely destroyed from being beaten to a pulp repeatedly & smashed by the blows of her sadistic beater culprit.  Puppy Doe had many savage beatings from her sadist torturer Mr.Czerkawski. One has to wonder the motive & what was going on in this warped sadistic mind hell bent on committing the most terrible violence against an innocent puppy.  

Puppy Doe  was stabbed in the eye & had her tongue savagely mutilated & sliced in half. She had also been burned. References to using some kind of medieval instrument has been mentioned regarding this dastardly nefarious crime!

Puppy Doe was suffering from starvation as well & her severe beatings were the essence of human evil barbarism carried out by the actions of this callous sociopath. She weighed only 18 pounds half of what she was supposed to weigh.

And how many Puppy Doe victims are there out there who have been  mutilated & tortured to death by the same deranged sadist? Her suffering was indescribable with one so helpless, vulnerable  & innocent. Whoever gave Puppy Doe to Mr.Czerkawski since the Craigslist ad landed Puppy Doe in a house of horrors just didn’t give a damn as to the honest quality, the legitimacy & the background of the adopter.

Getting rid of the pet was essential no matter how lethal the adopter was the irresponsible fatal thinking that was going on!  Just as the Craigslist ads for free pets are a lethal feature of Craigslist. Many people after this grievous tragedy will never go to Craigslist list for anything ever again! Craigslist has lost its credibility  after a streamline of tragedies from Craigslist ads. 

During the necropsy Dr.Blackmore saw Puppy Doe’s wrist, elbow & ankle which were all separated from their joints in the repeated barbaric beatings done to Puppy Doe. The magnitude of the cruelty is beyond evil. We have to wonder why so much evil is allowed to happen countless times throughout history to so many helpless innocents out there animal & human.    

The outcries regarding this savage crime have been wide & far reaching growing immeasurably. The veterinarian saw that the injuries of Puppy Doe were massive & sadistically inflicted by her torturer killer. There was no recovery for Puppy Doe from the horrific savage beatings.

Being starved to death is painful enough but Puppy Doe received numerous painful beatings. One has to wish that some kind of livable recovery from this torturous living death would have been possible so that she would have had a second chance at life!  

 You have to wonder how the innocent helpless Puppy Doe must have screamed wherever she was being beaten to death & no one heard her cries! Puppy Doe had been found by an animal beater predator from the free adoption ads from Craigslist.

No ethical standards of any kind are practiced on Craigslist free pet adoption ads as there’s an outcry to tear it down permanently of course so that no more Puppy Doe bloody tragedies such as this one won’t ever happen again!  Perhaps Craigslist should be shut down permanently & a responsible other type of website created & no more free re-homed pet adoption ads should be added ever again. Animal adoptions should be the realm of reputable animal rescue organizations & reputable adopters with credible backgrounds only.   

There was the notoriety of the Craigslist killer now the Puppy Doe Craigslist torturer killer, Mr.Czerkawski as Craigslist has never been held accountable for any of  the animal or human related crimes that have occurred as a result of their zero ethics standards that have sent many other puppies & other animals to their doom. This is the result  of making it easy for  mentally depraved dangerous predatory people looking at Craigslist for their next vulnerable helpless victims.

The erotic ads section from Craigslist was taken  down for good after the Craigslist killer shocker. The free pet adoption & re-homing ads for pets should also be taken down because it makes it easy for sadistic culprits like Mr.Czerkawski out there to respond maim, torture beat up & kill.

Adoptions of any kind just like child  adoption goes through a process of interviewing, screening, checking & following up with visits. The same with adopted pets  follow up visits to make sure the adopted pet  has really been re-homed in a good responsible safe environment with lots of TLC should have been done but wasn’t.  None of this was ever done here. No references required so no references were ever checked.

Many animal rescue groups check out the adopters  & follow up with visits to make sure the pet is safe & getting the best of care in their new home environment. This should be mandatory to make sure the pet is adjusting to the new adopter & that the pet is well adjusted to his or her new life. References must also be checked thoroughly. You’re dealing with a life not an inanimate object!  

The list of Craigslist scams is becoming a menace & a serious threat to computers users who’re easily scammed.  Yet the CEO Jim Buckmaster has the nerve to defend himself. 

These Craigslist related felonies & felons are just going to mount & mount if nothing is done after this Puppy Doe shocker.  Some one who truly loves an animal would never put it on Craigslist to be in harm’s way or end up mutilated & beaten savagely as Puppy Doe was.

Some Craigslist job ads  may be  legitimate but many are not. Classified ads can easily become an open  field for serial predators of all kinds & types. Craigslist becomes  their own worst enemy when they warn readers about scams & then turn around &  publish scams & questionable illegitimate ads themselves putting many in peril.      

There’s no database for Craigslist offenders & criminals because Craigslist has no standards of ethical excellence so any recidivistic offender or an unstable wild crazed mind will be out there looking at Craigslist ads seeking out their next victims.

There should be a Craigslist database of animal & human predator abusers & offenders out there. Craigslist has become a breeding ground for the menaces of society to catch their bait on line & enact their evil misdeeds at the expense of lives.  Perhaps a list with photos & videos of Craigslist offenders, felons & animal abusers & killers should be incorporated into You Tube or in the Huffington Post.   

It was Mary Nee the President of the Boston Branch of Animal Rescue League who pressed for the identity of Puppy Doe’s killer abuser because she said it’s vital that the identity be known as soon as possible. She’s a crusader against evil & proved it.   

Law enforcement had an active case going on with Norfolk County DA Michael Morrisey asking the public to help find the Puppy Doe culprit & fully championed Mary Nee’s plea. Mary Nee made a profoundly chilling statement when she said the following” Words can not adequately describe the shocking suffering that Puppy Doe endured or capture the urgency in identifying who did this to her”.

Time caught up with Mr.Czerkawski because crime fighters like DA Mr.Morrisey, his team & Mary Nee were doing an impeccable job in seeking him out. They succeeded triumphantly setting an example to other similar types who might be thinking of doing the foul deeds Mr.Czerkawski did.

DA Michael Morrisey publicly stated the following” We need to find the person who did this & what they are doing”. That statement alone speaks volumes as to what’s the behavioral pattern & modus operandi of an animal killer abuser.

He stated “It’s highly unlikely that the level of sadistic cruelty could have been shown to one animal & not be a pattern involving other animals or perhaps vulnerable people”. Mr.Morrisey has done a top caliber job in catching Mr.Czerkawski with his team! Other DA’s across the country should follow in his footsteps!

If they’re capable of this how much more are they capable of?? He was pointing to a pattern that many FBI profilers work with. The FBI works with profilers so in this case someone profiling offenders & culprits should be profiling  animal abusers &  beater torturers.   Police have also used authentic gifted professional psychics who work in crime cases. Having a human GPS system doesn’t hurt because catching the runaway culprits before they strike again is paramount in cases like these!

There was a 5000 dollar reward from Boston’s Animal Rescue League for anyone with information leading to the arrest & conviction of the criminal perpetrator. A Puppy Doe fund was also set up. A lot of great causes were set in motion with this case.

The proceeds from the Puppy Doe fund will go to Boston’s  Animal Rescue League so that other cases of animal abuse, animal neglect & animal cruelty will be prevented as well as programs to prevent these unthinkable violent cases. There’s also a site for donations which is Donate: www.airboston.kintera.org/puppydoe. Misty’s journey & Second Chance Rescue in NYC generously added an additional 10,000 dollar reward to this just cause. 

There was a also a number  to call at Boston Law Enforcement.  Law enforcement & Animal Rescue League were working together & it paid off!  That’s the best recipe to find a criminal perpetrator. There was an email address which was also given cruelty@arlboston.org. The name of the Quincy Police Detective was  Detective T.Pepdjonovich & together with Norfolk District Attorney Morrisey will be the driving forces to clamp down hard on cases like these setting an example to the culpable culprits that they can’t ever get away with it!   

The original owner of Puppy Doe, Laura Hankins had bought the sweet lovely puppy pit bull from a Craigslist ad but as it’s been reported, her landlord objected to her having the dog & asked her to get rid of Kiya which was Puppy Doe’s original name. The original owner was cleared & said that she had originally paid for Puppy Doe but the landlord objected so she  & her boyfriend put the puppy back  under the free pet adoption section on Craigslist. It was a very lethal unfortunate move.

The plot thickened as the original owner stated that she had given the Puppy Doe to someone who she believed  turned Puppy Doe over to someone else. Puppy Doe was handed down from one deadly person to another. More in depth investigation needs to be done as to  how Puppy Doe got handed down to his monster executioner Mr.Czerkawski. Every detail of this case must be revealed as a preventive.

Puppy Doe like other victims must always be remembered.  

When no follow ups & thorough checks ups to Craigslist pet ads are done, then all hell can & does break out. Craigslist has lost it & lost it for good with its checkered past & present.   

Landlords are notorious for using pets as a tenant trigger threat with pet owner renters so Puppy Doe ended up on Craigslist again. The owner did no homework regarding the list of Craigslist horror true tales of free pet adoptions as Puppy Doe’s owner did not look up the July 2012 animals advertised from Craigslist who were the targets of target shooting practice all from Craigslist.

I do not know if the predatory depraved person in charge got caught & arrested for committing these vile criminal acts. Answers are needed in this case.  

So the  owner of Puppy Doe clicked without doing any  investigation on  some background checks on the free pet ads on Craigslist. In April 2012 in West Virginia more horrors from Craigslist emerged with a case of 29 puppies advertised on Craigslist who were also mutilated, beaten tortured & executed by a monster named Jeffrey Nally Jr. who’s a serial animal killing abuser & got his animal victims free from Craigslist re-homing to good homes which becomes a chamber of horrors with horrible painful executions  for the animal victims who will never walk or live beside a loving guardian ever.  

In this case the serial killer abuser was found & is doing time. Mr.Nally Jr. has been sentenced to 10 to 45 years for his animal abusing killing spree of animals.  That kind of violent mentality finds it easy to kill without a conscience & it can be an animal, person or a child.

They’re the sociopath slaughtering murdering zombies who threatened the gullible, the vulnerable & the physically weak unable to defend themselves!  

The list of Craigslist predators is growing & it’s a chilling reminder that there should be a ban on free pet adoptions. Mr.Buckmaster claims that these pets won’t get adopted to good homes unless these ads are there?

What kind of gross lack of logic is that given the horrendous hideous track record of Craigslist?  How many homeless animals have died unnatural deaths & been tortured & killed because of Craigslist free pet adoptions? Craigslist has a very tainted  shameful reputation now. There’s nothing to be proud of Mr.Buckmaster!

The outrage of this crime & justice for Puppy Doe has taken a life of its own as Puppy Doe cried out for justice from her grave. Dog lovers, animal lovers & activists wanted to see the criminal perpetrator caught & dealt with & it occurred. Her bones were broken beyond repair. Her broken bones were also pulled to create more unbearable pain for this helpless creature.

What an incredible hell she suffered & no one in heaven & earth helped her. The gruesome injuries were more like a medieval instruments of torture as mentioned earlier which had been used on this beautiful puppy who didn’t have a pray.

 There was also a Facebook Group in action  called “Help Find the Torturers of Puppy Doe” which had a lot of likes to the tune of 4000 likes  increasing every day because this case was an on hands case  until justice was  clawed out of the earth for Puppy Doe & all of the Puppy Does out there. Karma  n this case caught up with Mr.Czerkawski. Will we ever live in a society where all of the Czerkawskis in our society be put out of the business of torturing. beating up & killing the innocents in our society?   

Craiglist free pet adoptions needs to clean up their act & stop playing Russian roulette with the lives of animals & people! Stop it now!  The free pet adoptions should be removed & should not exist anymore on Craiglist because a lot more animals are going to get beaten, hurt maimed & killed. Craiglist has been catalyst for animal cruelty deaths. Shutting down Craigslist altogether would be the thing to do.  

 www.change.org has a Petition “Justice for Puppy Doe”. Change.org does a lot of good for animals who have been abused & killed. The petition will be delivered to Craigslist CEO Jim Buckmaster. When will he wake up to his culpability in making it easy for Craigslist reader culprits?

When you see headlines about teenagers throwing a kitty onto traffic for kicks & perpetrating sadistic acts against animals that should raise red flags to stop it. A teenager killed a kitty in this manner which  is a story that was in the news.

She’s afraid of going back to school for fear that she’ll be arrested but this is what should happen. Cowards never want to face the consequences of their sinister actions. Recidivism is what follows putting many more innocents at risk.  They never want to face accountability because their gratuitous evil acts is their motto & getting away with it is their personal pleasure.  Society fails when signs of something really wrong in an individual goes unnoticed until something devastating happens & an innocent life is taken.  

You have to think of the wide spread psychopathic mentality ready to beat up & kill out there getting a thrill out of killing helpless animals or people.   The perpetrator or perpetrators of these foul acts of violence  must be apprehended & stopped dead on their tracks before more massive tragedies keep taking place! Preventing the next Puppy Doe tragedy is what must be priority here.

The sadism is off the charts with the rise in animal cruelty cases. Animal abuse charges should never be dropped as they were in the case of Daniel Padilla the CEO & owner of an exclusive charter jet company who was seen on video viciously beating up his St.Bernard puppy.

On the video he repeatedly kicked the 8 month St Bernard with his foot with malicious raw violence yet this beating fiend beat the rap as prosecutors didn’t prosecute! We live in a system where violence is rewarded. No  animal abuser who’s attacked a pet should ever be allowed to repeat their foul deeds & get away with it!   

Jail time with stiff punishment  & penalties is what should follow & making sure that the animal abuser doesn’t have a dog or pet ever again or beat or kill anyone ever again. They should not be walking the streets at all.  No animal cruelty case should go unpunished!

Society has learned nothing from the Michael Vick case when Vick for many years routinely beat, tortured strangled & drowned dogs. Vick also used dogs in illegal bloody dog fights for money where dogs fight to kill & end up dead or maimed for life.  One day Michael Vick  was caught after countless innocent dogs were murdered by him after he profited from the blood letting  & dog deaths he was responsible for.  

 Mr.Vick thought this blood spilling of innocent helpless dogs was normal like all of them do. There are sadists out there with no moral conscience to speak of. Why didn’t Mr.Padilla go to jail? What made his prosecutors reward him with a zero penalty? Michael Vick went to jail but is violence & animal cruelty still part of his lifestyle? With the Mr.Padilla case, where is his St.Bernard puppy named Boston??

 Mr.Padilla  proudly identified himself when the shocking violent video was seen as if he was proud of his evil foul act!  Getting a sick perverted thrill saying “ That’s me on the video”. This is an abomination. No dog owner who’s done violence against his pet dog should ever get his pet back.

 According to the Padilla animal abuse case, Mr.Padilla who lives in a penthouse also got a legal aid lawyer! How is any of this possible?How does someone with a high priced penthouse near Times Square who’s beaten his eight month old St.Bernard get a legal aid lawyer?? There’re  no sane answers  to these questions in the universe!

Legal aid is for  indigent people not for CEOS who beat up dogs & own charter jet companies & live in fancy super expensive  penthouses in Times Square like Mr.Padilla does!  Is this what we pay taxes for?  It’s surely a litany of abominations because society & the court system mocks, dishonors & disrespects helpless  victims whether animal or human by having the perpetrator criminal fiends get away with all kinds of foul criminal deeds!  

In history Joseph Stalin began his siege of terror when he tortured & killed animals & took sadistic pleasure in it. Stalin killed millions in Russia. Dahmer & others  like Dahmer & Stalin did the same thing by torturing animals to death.

Those were their vulnerable helpless victim targets of choice before they did the same to people. It’s a pattern of dangerous anti social behavior that calls  for appropriate action against the perpetrators of animal cruelty.

In general the system has failed to make any crime preventable.  DA Morrisey & his competent staff were dead set on finding the culprit who has the blood of Puppy Doe on his hands Artur Czerkawski & they did.  They’ve done a real life CSI exemplary job.

How many more innocent victims are there going to be if preventative measures aren’t initiated?

In the United Kingdom a beautiful Siberian Husky named Logan suffered horribly when someone threw acid in his face & now Logan’s law has been made official as a Puppy Doe law here should be initiated & enacted as law.  The most punitive legal actions must be taken against the fiends that commit these degenerate acts of evil.

 Humane education should also be made a  part  of school curriculum everywhere as a preventative to crimes of this magnitude. Another humane thinking politician candidate who ran for NYC Mayor now Senator Tony Avella once said to a crowd of his NYC constituent animal activists “The way you treat an animal is the way you treat a person”. He believed in Humane Education which can be a  preventative to Puppy Doe crimes.

 And this is the philosophy that is lived by animal rights activist supporters who want to change the paradigm & remove animal cruelty from society. The image of the savagely beaten tortured Puppy Doe in terrible pain is a haunting reminder that all animal killer torturers should be hunted down so that the most vulnerable human & animal will not end up  in the pathway of one these crazed predatory minds.

 I hope that the living soul of Puppy Doe out there in some unearthly afterlife illuminating dimension is somehow aware that Quincy Massachusetts finest law enforcement, animal right advocates & others all over the world love her & that the hunt to find justice for her transcends death & will be unbeatable.  It’s something that no sadistic culprit can kill. 

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