Wanna feel Golden? Go to the Golden Nugget

STORY BY Sam Russell

Published: December 1, 2015

Going above and beyond is simply in the DNA of the Golden Nugget.  It’s a mini-city unto itself—a short Uber car ride from the Strip with dining, gambling, pool time and luxurious lounging galore.

Nestled just a few floors above all the bustling city folk and lively casinos is a newly renovated boutique oasis known only to savvy travelers and well-heeled locals as The Golden Nugget Spa & Salon. Whether you are a guest of this grand hotel or not, all are welcomed to re-charge at the ONLY spa and salon in downtown Las Vegas.


Wash off the memories of your ex with their signature massage—a gentle back exfoliation and deep tissue massage by strong trained and intuitive hands will seduce you in ways your ex lover could not. Wedding packages are abound for those coming to Sin City to say, “I do.”  Pedicures and sauna time will get you ready for the big day and will put an extra bounce in your step as you walk down that aisle.

If the cross-country flight dehydrated your facial glow, get it back with a little . . . um, well actually a lot of help from your newfound co-pilots in all things beautiful at The Spa & Salon. Lady Luck brought me the evolved hands of Tina and the Signature Facial was my first choice. Two weeks later and my skin is still benefiting from her alchemy.


So if you ever find yourself at the intersection of gluttony, lust, and greed (this is Las Vegas, after all) you must include an excursion to Golden Nugget Spa & Salon. The time has come to erase your name from that list of the overworked and underjoyed.

Delicious List of Signature Massage & Body Treatments

Custom Facials for Men & Women

Herbal Steam Room & Sauna

Manicure & Pedicure Room

Complete Salon & Fitness Room

The Spa & Salon—Golden Nugget

129 E. Fremont Street

Las Vegas, NV 89101



* Rates Vary 


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