The Modern Day Celtic Warrior, Ready to Face the World

STORY BY Sam Russell

Published: January 29, 2016

Truth is . . .Since high school, I have struggled with sensitive skin. My hyper-sensitive shell has struggled for years to find balance and harmony. In the early years, it just felt safer to stay at home and not face the stares of my peers who seemed to—for the most part—not have the same issues. It would take two decades and contributing to a beauty column before I would find an end to the emotional ups and downs of living with blemished skin. There were so many uncomfortable and wasted years associated with low self esteem that commonly accompanies a mug that is not ready to face the world.

But I’ve found that this battle is not one you have to fight alone.

Meet Jennifer Devlin, artisan skin care maker and founder of Celtic Complexion.  Celtic Complexion offers an evolving line of luxury organic skincare products that are hand-blended in micro batches to ensure freshness and optimal results. My personal favorite—Complexion Crème.  This crème is made without water, making it very concentrated and able to moisturize the skin for up to 8 hours.  Impressive! 

Let's pierce the soul of founder Jennifer Devlin to see if she can shed light on my fascination with Celtic Complexion and my love for its exclusive moisturizer, Complexion Crème.

Q 1: Jennifer! Your skin glows like no other. Are you blessed with good genes or have you truly tapped into that fountain of youth? And tell us, did having problem skin become the catalyst for your thriving business?

Thank you, Sam.  The answer is a little bit of both. Great genes give you a foundation to work with, but how you support the foundation will determine long term results. The fountain of youth I discovered took over a decade to find because of all the misinformation on the market.


I have rosacea and despite using the most expensive skincare products on the market, nothing really helped; they just made my skin more sensitive. I just chalked it up to my skin being the problem and never really imagined it could be the products I was using. By chance, I met a holistic esthetician who opened my eyes to the way synthetic chemicals, dyes, and fragrances were damaging my skin. She urged me to go on a skin care and cosmetic "diet." Within a couple of months, my skin completely calmed down.  After that experiment, I walked out of the cosmetic department and never looked back.  

For the next fifteen years I studied holistic living and became a holistic esthetician myself. I made skin care products first for myself and then eventually for friends and family. They urged me to turn my passion into a real business. And in 2011 I did just that with the launch of Celtic Complexion. 

Q2: Without revealing all your secrets, what is at the heart of your philosophy?  What makes Celtic Complexion skin care products so special and original?

Well, for starters, unlike other commercial skin care products, our line of skin care products use the highest quality raw ingredients available. All of our skin care products are synthetic chemical-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, and gluten-free.

I see myself as an artisan.  And as an artisan, part of my process is to produce products with love and integrity with the intention that they deliver all the results they promise.

An artisan’s formula is their fingerprint, and theirs alone.  Part of my fingerprint is introducing skin care products that help women with Celtic complexions diminish the appearance of rosacea, dryness, and sensitivity, conditions most skin care products aren’t designed to relieve. 

Hand-blended organic skin care products made with the finest raw ingredients is why our products have such a profound effect.

Q3: Why do over-the-counter moisturizers cause our skin to dry out so fast and force up to reapply so often? This has never happened once using your Complexion Crème. Just a little goes a long way I’ve noticed. What surprised me most was how my dry, cracked finger tips healed the first day while applying this crème to my face. I’m still adjusting to these brutal east coast winters, so I’ve got to know!

I advise people to steer away from very long ingredient lists, synthetic fragrance, dyes and certain chemicals.  The reason why over-the-counter creams and lotions leave your skin feeling dry is because most them are predominately made of water (up to 80% in fact), which is quickly absorbed into dry, wrinkled skin. As soon as the water evaporates, the dry skin returns.  Celtic Complexion Crème is made without water, making it very concentrated and able moisturize the skin for up to 8 hours.  

Q4: You found love again in life by reconnecting with a childhood friend. Did this outer glow attract him?  And we’re curious, do you test products on him? Any love advice for our readers out there focused on self improvement?

My husband Steve and I were high school sweethearts for two years. We broke up shortly after he graduated, and we didn't see each other for twenty nine years until reconnected through social media.  Thanks, Facebook!   I am thankful that we are not only partners in love, but in business as well. Being with a strong, supportive partner is essential for success. 

I do test products on him and he actually shaves with Celtic Complexion Crème and uses Gentle Crème Exfoliant in the shower. 

My love advice is simple: love yourself first and believe that you deserve love and it will be attracted to you.

Q5: Any new wonders of wisdom in the pipeline?

My newest creation is my pièce de résistance. It's called Celtic Jewel, and is the first "green" high performance crème that competes with ultra-luxury crèmes. It feels like a moisturizer, delivers like a serum and gives you the results of a professional peel.  I beta tested this crème with women living in the Florida Keys who are exposed to a lot of sun. The results and feedback was phenomenal. This one is a real game changer and I’m so excited to bring it to market. The launch date is Valentine's Day, 2016. 

Q6: I’m in love with your Complexion Crème.  Where can we find this miracle crème? Any tips on how I can travel with it?

All our products are available exclusively through our website  We love having direct interaction with our customers; it keeps it personal. 

We do offer travel kits, which give you about a ten to fourteen-day supply of each product.  That's the best way to take it with you on the go. 

Q7: People don’t know this, but you have been such an eager supporter of my traveling mission, the Giving Closet. But before we met, you already had a big heart for giving back. Tell our readers about your natural instinct to help after Hurricane Sandy hit our shores.

Hurricane Sandy hit the shores of Rockaway, NY and devastated their tight-knit community of mostly Irish-Americans. I watched a 60 Minutes report on how their homes were first hit with the hurricane, then caught on fire and burned to the ground. I couldn't imagine what that felt like and like most people, my natural instinct is to help. I donated $10,000 worth of Celtic Complexion Crème to that community.  While it may not be much, I’m hopeful my donation provided some hope and joy to those faced with so much loss.  Maybe a little skin pampering allowed for an escape from their harsh reality or maybe they felt grateful to know people cared about them. All I know is it made me feel good to pay-it-forward.  

Photo Credit: Shelley Hartman

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