Skylar Bisel: a young star far from fizzling out

STORY BY Sam Russell

Published: February 24, 2015

Tell the average teenager to mind their own business, and 9 times out of ten they will. Tell a young, inquisitive mind like Michigan native Skylar Bisel to mind his own business and he will spin that into a thoughtful and prosperous home-grown project.

Bizzy Fizz Bath Treats was sparked by the curious mind of a 6 year old, and with the help and savvy direction of his mom Laura, this idea did not fizzle out. Bizzy Fizz has blossomed into so much more than just a "science project".

Let's sit down over a warm non-alcoholic beverage and get in the mind of Skylar to discuss the American Dream, Guitar Lessons and Cyber-Bullying:

1. Where are you from Skylar and how old are you?

I am 16 years old and from Macomb Township, Michigan.

2. What is Bizzy Fizz, where can we buy it and how did this start?

Bizzy Fizz is a family business started in 2004 by my mom and me. It began when I was six years old after I received bath fizzies as a Christmas gift. I loved them, and after noticing that the chemical reaction was very similar to what I saw in my home school science project (a baking soda and vinegar volcano), I asked my mom if she could make some for me. It took about a year to get the recipe right, so we were just in time to give the extras out as gifts to friends. Everyone who received them loved them and wanted more, and as the two of us watched the demand grow, I wondered if this could become something bigger. I turned to my mom one day and said "We could make a business out of this!". She decided to give it a try, not thinking that it would ever get to be anything of its current magnitude. 

Our products can be found at our website (, in specialty stores, and internationally through


3. In science class, I always paired up with the smartest kid to make sure I got an A. Are you the most sought after science partner in the room? Is there a raffle as to who is lucky enough to get paired up with you?

I like to believe that I have lots of people wanting to be my lab partner because I have a lot of friends or because I am a fun person to be around, but yes, lots of people try to partner up with me. 

4. I presume there is not a lot of time for video games and daydreaming in your daily routine. Or is there? When do you have time for homework? How are your grades? I smell overachiever and want to make sure you stay balanced......

I have never been much of a gamer to begin with, seeing as I manage to fail miserably at every game I try. Any free time I have is spent listening to or writing music, and I never go anywhere without a pencil and pocket notebook. Much of my "free time" is at school in one of my two guitar classes. I have plenty of time for homework, although the recent addition of college classes to my schedule changes things quite a bit. My grades are not perfect, especially in my college courses. But I'm still an honor student, so I do pretty well. I'm no genius, I just happened to have creativity strike at all the right times throughout this journey.


5. Bizzy Fizz donated BIG to my Giving Closet surprise in Detroit. It was the first time we had met, and the support of yourself and your mom was humbling. It truly takes a village to make magic happen! What other charities speak to you? 

My brother has Sensory Processing Disorder and Motor Dyspraxia, and I have seen him struggle through a lot of things in his life. He has to try a lot harder to do certain things, or to even make his body respond in ways that are automatic for other people. So, we do a lot for Autism Speaks because kids on the spectrum have a lot of sensory issues, and I know how hard that is. I am also a member of the National Honors Society and work with the local soup kitchens helping them do whatever they need.

6. Before we wrap, we must get a little serious. When I was growing up, we had nothing like "school shootings" or "cyber bullying". How do we stay connected to our fellow man?

The solution to this question is the same as my philosophy when it comes to music: unplug. I know it has been said numerous times by numerous people, but it remains entirely true. Just as a person's acoustic performance is different than their studio mastered one, a person's personality is far different when it is uncut, unedited, and raw. People would be more connected if they were less connected to the things that disconnect us.


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