Rich Cohen On Margot Robbie

STORY BY Tod Volpe

Published: July 15, 2016

I would like to congratulate Rich Cohen on his recent Feature Story on Margot Robbie:
"The Girl From Oz" Vanity Fair August 2016
Almost too intelligently written for those thinking they'll get the usual celebrity glitz to understand what a truly talented writer has to say.
In case you haven't figured it out, I'm talking about Rich Cohen.
Someone with the chutzpah to tell it like it is.
That very same someone, who's not afraid of or impressed by facades to the degree Dominck Dunn was who would say or do anything to stay in the limelight. 
Someone with the awareness to open a story not with accolades about a "star" but to discuss the terrain and counter cultural environment that created her.
As talented, beautiful or handsome an actor may be they are (as we have forgotten in this country) just people which is something Rich Cohen brings to the surface in his story. Readers who for some odd reason cannot identify good writing from bad, so they confuse the issue by critiicizing what they do not understand.
Those very same readers who keep themselves believing in the superficial hype of everything. Without putting anyone down, Rich Cohen speaks the truth. Too bad if the fluff addicts can't handle it. 
It takes real balls to tell the truth and as true Americans we should be proud of it.
What's especially brilliant with Cohen's approach to the story is how he introduces Robbie against the backdrop of a literally dead American middle class that breeds the sort of woman that fits the mould of this American Dream girl next door. In truth there is no "next door" anywhere in this country because it's given up the white picket fence for a "like" on Facebook
Australia is a hundred years behind the times and it is far far away from any cultural experience that could in reality breed someone like Robbie.
In this respect, Cohen gives her a real compliment but again the less than intelligent people these days who read Vanity Fair who once had the ability to understand true prose only see what they want to see. If you took what DH Lawrence or Sinclair Lewis said verbatum I'm sure you would have problems with what they were saying.
What has America come to when a truly talented man who can pen a brilliant piece of work like the New York Times Best Seller "Tough Jews" be judged for expressing himself in a way that these idiots posting these ridiculous comments on the internet (what else is new?!) do not understand?!
For God's sake, this is supposed to be a free society, not Johnstown.
It takes courage and real insight into his subject to spend several paragraphs setting up a character's entrance rather than hitting us over the head with her. 
Yes, Margot Robbie is beautiful and talented, we agree on that subject. And Rich Cohen says so in his own way
What's most important when bringing a story like this to light is to not fall into the same trap most writers do which is to cater to the boorish way people bow down to celebrity and see beyond the silken veil. 
Yes, Leonardo Di Caprio is handsome and he can act but the way we swoon over these people like this is nauseating. 
It's critical as we venture forth to regain our own sense of selves to dethrone celebrity and explain what happens when people (America) loses its faith in itself and turns their lives over to facade. That's why this country is crumbling.
A mirror can reflect only so much before it loses its ability to do so. 
"I am half sick of the shadows" Tennyson wrote in The Lady of Shallot.  
People forget what the mirror sees is the opinion the person looking into it has of themselves.
Bravo Rich Cohen once again on a job well done!
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