Q & A with Fashion Designer Galina Sobolev of Single Dress

STORY BY Sam Russell

Published: January 29, 2015

Q & A with Fashion Designer Galina Sobolev of Single Dress

For years, many designers have cut and stitched their way to the top when it comes to imaging everyday people with practical and stylish clothing options. Some have even crossed over, exciting the larger closets and dressing rooms of Hollywood’s “well-heeled” with enticing separates and vibrant cocktail dresses.One of those designers is Galina Sobolev, creator of Single Dress.

Galina has personally, and quite often privately, donated to my passion project: The Giving Closet. Despite the generous donations she gives each season to my charity, and various others, we had yet to connect in person. I was intrigued by this business woman who I had not met, as our busy lives never allowed it, and today the time had arrived to bridge that gap. Let’s sit down for a moment, and get to know her. Introducing: Galina

1. Where are you from and how did you find yourself in Los Angeles?

I am originally from Odessa, Ukraine. I grew up there and as a teenager moved to NYC. I found myself in LA via New York, with a Job opportunity. Everyone dreams of living the "Hollywood Dream" and my dream came true in 1987 when I moved to Los Angeles after visiting for 2 weeks. I grew up in NYC during the Disco days of Studio 54 Glam. Graduated from FIT in 1984 and worked tireless hours for Fashion Houses on Seventh Avenue. I had a job opportunity in Los Angeles and relocated, I fell in love with LA INSTANTLY the weather, the Glamorous relaxed chic. I worked for a few years in the film industry with small acting parts in such films as Dick Tracy, and had an opportunity to meet Warren Beaty, and Madonna, and work with Al Pacino, then in the LA Fashion Industry as a Design Director at Carole Little, and later for Bisou Bisou. I learned so much from being on film sets, and wearing various costumes, this experience later helped with my own design company. I also learned from my previous design bosses, what it is like to run your own fashion company. I am absolutely thrilled to be living my dream in Los Angeles, owning my own fashion company and dressing such celebrities as Taylor Swift, Samantha Harris, Fergie, and J.Lo and Eva Longoria.

2. Favorite eateries and shopping in LA? How do you find your peace amongst such a busy city and career?

My favorite LA restaurants are: Cecconi's on Thursday nights or Ago. Mastro’s Ocean club in Malibu, and I love small intimate restaurants such as The Little Door on 3rd street. For shopping I absolutely love, Decades on Melrose (always find treasures there), Fred Segal, and Barney’s.  I also love Selian vintage BBQ on Melrose avenue.

In LA it is easy to find peace and tranquility. I love Breakfast on the Roof of the Peninsula Hotel, and also often go for a quiet breakfast at the Orlando Hotel lobby on 3rd street at Orlando. Everything is organic there and delicious. I love to grab a cup of coffee and just sit in my back yard; I have a fabulous view of the city. I enjoy reading, it helps me relax, and often go for Sunday drives along the PCH to Malibu the drive along the Coast it is very beautiful and calming!

3. Any advice for fashion designers currently in school? How do you get inspired season after season? How do you get through artist block? Does that happen to you?

Best advise to designers is to work for other companies, and learn and study, and work hard! My inspiration often comes from my travels, and I love to people watch.

Just by sitting on Sunset Plaza you can get some great fashion inspiration. I look to younger generation for Fashion advise and inspiration, and love some bloggers styles. Instagram is also very very inspirational.

4. You have been a big supporter of Giving Closet. How can women use fashion to get ahead in life or get through a bad day?

It has been and is my privilege to be a part of the giving closet in regards to Fashion and women; it is inspirational and fun. Fashion is so important, and putting in a little extra effort goes a long way. Women in the Work force are always judged on how they present themselves. We can be powerful in a structured dress, or a pant suit. It is our fashion responsibility to put outfits together which makes us feel wonderful when we get complimented on our fashion efforts. It's very important to always wear a put together outfit - it doesn't have to be expensive. I think simple classics go a long way. Our Single blouses and fun tops can be dressed up with colorful scarf’s. I think we need to really make that extra effort to look put together every day, and we as wome will feel great- when we look good, we shine!

5. Where do you retail and any celeb fans?

We sell a lot of product online through our website www.singledress.com. Also, some fabulous shops such as: Robins Closet in New Jersey, DNA at the Cosmopolitan in Las Vegas, Emporium DNA in Washington DC at the DuPont circle, a stunning store! Also, we currently have a beautiful Plus size collection at: Saks.com ( Single at Zgallery) and Madison Plus.com


Below: Left, Eva Longoria and Right, Taylor Swift, wearing Single Dress

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