Mayor of Paris Vows to Ban Vehicles by 2020

STORY BY Vicky Victoria

Published: December 8, 2014

Parisians are feed up with the increasing pollution floating around their city, into their lungs, affecting their over all health and the beautiful façades of Paris. Early this year authorities were called out as pollution levels reached twice those considered safe. In response to growing concern and criticism, leftist Mayor Anne Hidalgo vowed Sunday to limit the use of cars in the capital's four central arrondissements to create a larger "semi-pedestrian" zone.

"Apart from bikes, buses and taxis, the only vehicles allowed will be residents’' cars, delivery vehicles and emergency vehicles" in the four districts, she told the Journal du Dimanche. Truthfully she wants to go further and stated "I want diesel cars out of Paris by 2020" but possibly allowing "clean" vehicles such as electric-powered cars. 

Similar to the changes New Yorker's are seeing to our streets, she announced a 100 million euro programme to encourage the use of bicycles that would include doubling the number of bike lanes in the city by 2020.

Paris' first woman mayor is being cheered on by many, but angering others too. The battle over the environment, health, and the oh-so comfortable western lifestyle of cars, cars and more cars continues.


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