STORY BY Josh King

Published: June 18, 2014

It's always good to be on the right side of the law. 
Just today, the most recent upheave in the art world was published, revealing just how muddy the waters are, and the increasing need for truth in this 'what is and isn't real", Alice In Wonderland cabbage patch industry. 

No one in their right mind will take these situations the distance unless there's proof of fraud or have millions in their pockets to throw away on legal fees. Most importantly, are the difficulties in identifying multiple layers of façade and illusion which conceal the truth of the art which can so easily destroy its value and salability. 

Too time consuming... Too much discovery in the process and in the end will prove nothing because no one knows the truth except those who manufactured the art in the first place. Truth in the art business is buried so deeply by lies and manipulations that it has become a business controlled by organized crime tactics; it would take years and years to unravel such a thing. One can't help but think of Elliot Ness and The Untouchables going after Al Capone in effort to clean up Chicago. 
In the art business, even the Feds can't figure it out. This is Everest and it is getting increasingly bigger, not smaller, and more and more complex as the days grow long. These improprieties are clearly an instance of not adhering to Sherman Anti Trust laws that the art world snubs on a daily basis. 
The time has come for regulation in this business. It is the only unregulated arena where billions of dollars move in and out of the system on a daily basis. It's time for those who created this mess to come forward and talk about it. At some time or another we all have to be held accountable for what we've done. 
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