LA's Secret Spot: The Farmer's Daughter

STORY BY Sam Russell

Published: August 31, 2015

For a truly unparalleled Hollywood experience with minimal effort, set your sights on Farmer’s Daughter Hotel in Los Angeles. All the visual stimuli your Instagram account can handle will be found in these parts. It’s even safe to say that you may never want to resurface or venture too far from your idyllic resting place. Why should those with deep pockets be the only ones having all the fun?

Q & A with Farmer’s Daughter Owners: Peter & Ellen Picataggio


The "No Tell Room" has re-ignited many stalled relationships and "The Robin Room" will leave you feeling like a newborn fresh out of the nest. Who designed these brilliantly themed rooms and what do you hope to accomplish with the new look?

The signature aesthetic of our hotel channels both the property’s 40+ year history and Los Angeles’ past life as orange grove-filled farmland. We purchased and fully remodeled this historic hotel in 1997 and we’re currently undergoing a second exciting redesign that includes updates to the lobby, pool area, and exterior, all slated for completion this year. 


(No Tell Room)

For the current redesign, Ellen is collaborating with designer Meg Joannides of MLK Design to marry her art-driven approach with Joannides’ relaxed and refined designs. Ellen is also working closely with Los Angeles designers to integrate local, handmade pieces into the hotel’s updated spaces. 

Our main hotel renovation conveys a more sophisticated aesthetic to showcase the fact that we’ve grown. The renovation reflects an ease and subtlety that wasn’t there before, but the hotel’s vintage and bucolic themes still exist to preserve the hotel’s 1960’s footprint.

Farmer’s Daughter Hotel is where visitors want to be and is surrounded by a foot-traffic friendly neighborhood to match. How did you land this prime location?

The hotel was originally bought and run by Ellen’s parents. Ellen and I then relocated to LA to help manage the hotel after the tragic death of Ellen’s sister. We fell in love with it and eventually purchased it in 1997.  The hotel is conveniently located minutes away from Hollywood, the Sunset Strip, and the LA County Museum of Art.



No Hollywood excursion would be complete without at least one celebrity sighting. Any regulars to your hotel that I can mention?

We get them for sure, but we firmly believe in a strict privacy policy. I can say that many film, music, and stage actors have all had a good time with friends while spending time here. 


On a recent visit, I discovered the perfect nightcap drink. What is in this Coolhaus Cocktail and why do I love it more than Mario Lopez’s dimples?

The Coolhaus Dirty Mint Chip Julep is a tantalizing ice cream cocktail created by our executive chef.  Coolhaus fresh mint infused ice cream with chocolate chips and a hint of brown sugar are married to Four Roses Bourbon and Crème de Menthe.  All of this conspires to make for the perfect treat to beat the LA summer heat.


Farmer’s Daughter is modesty priced, making it an ideal and comfortable landing. You simply won’t find a more suitable place for a treasured get-away. The neighborhood is extremely safe and walkable, so venture out and spend more money on souvenirs and lusty fashion finds on Melrose than on your hotel.  Farmer’s Daughter is an ideal fit for any traveller on a budget. But don’t just take our word for it, there’s a welcoming voice on the other side of that reservations line waiting to win you over.

Farmer’s Daughter

115 South Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90036
 Front Desk: 323-937-3930
Reservations: 800-334-1658



-24 Hour Front Desk and Concierge Service

-24 Hour Secured Valet Parking (charges apply)

-Air Conditioned Public Areas

-Outdoor Swimming Pool and Sundeck/Patio

-High speed Wireless Internet

-Business Services

-ATM Banking

-Multilingual Staff

-Conference Room

-Smoke-Free Property

-Use of Nearby Fitness Center (discount)

-Video Library

-Tart Restaurant & Bar

Farmer’s Daughter rooms and suites are uniquely quirky with a country style, offering denim duvets, a heated pool and a down-home eatery/bar. The Robin Room was our first choice with smiles abound upon entering. The built-in couch will be that first accent that you may want to recreate at home.


Farmer’s Daughter is well suited for destiny. Call a truce in your nightly tug-of war with beds made for two. Modern amenities will heighten your senses and seduce your mirror time. Eye the maid’s cart stealthily, as C.O Bigelow Apothecaries products should come home with you.

Photo credits: Ryan Phillips

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