Hostage to the Co-op Board

STORY BY Naomi Semeniuk

Published: September 11, 2013

On the front page of there used to be a classic piece of acting by the late great English actor Peter Finch. It was from the film “Network” & it goes like this “I’m mad as hell & I’m not going to take it anymore!” As Peter Finch builds up to a more & more powerful crescendo on this mad as hell theme he emotes & laments with impassioned tones over the ills of the world as his voice vibrates with more tongue lashing blows until it hits a climax of shattering fervor as many other people begin to open their windows chanting this mad as hell theme until it hits a boiling point.


This is a masterpiece of acting  & a masterpiece on film because this mad as hell theme is the theme of the forgotten invisible New York co-op shareholders who currently don’t stand a chance at any justice nor an iota of legal rights favoring them. Zero laws favoring co-op shareholders make co-op shareholders vulnerable to the omnipotence of the co-op board because co-op shareholders live inside a tectonic quake about to end their lives as they know it.


Unbeknownst to them the new co-op New York shareholder of a co-op has no idea that they’ve invested in a con game & that the co-op boards & sponsors will soon confiscate their human rights & their financial assets before long. It’s an inevitable course of co-op hierarchal co-op board sponsor action to do so.


The co-op shareholder tenant is never standing on firm legal ground & will  become an eternal hostage to the co-op board paying until hell freezes for many questionable unlawful co-op board illegal fees & penalties  demanding more of the co-op shareholder who gets nothing but  perennial harassment & eviction threats with termination of their legally weak & legally ineffective proprietary lease from the co-op board which will do a hatchet  job on their financial status & lives. Many times this leads to complete loss of their  co-op shares  & homelessness  is the next step on their co-op graves.  


 The other unthinkable but realistic scenario is that the co-op shareholder who’s been robbed of thousands of dollars by the co-op board elitists sitting on their untouchable thrones will create a  homeless situation of  former New York co-op shareholder tenants  whose co-op board hierarchy have driven  them to the edge of bankruptcy by demanding unlawful fees & extorting unlawful fees always with impunity.


Whatever the co-op board hierarchal dictators want is law because they’ve got privileges that are never questioned or challenged in a court of law or any law enforcement agency no matter how deviant from the law they are.  No other investment in America has this clause that the co-op board of directors  can  get away with just about anything while the co-op shareholder victims are locked out of any democratic legal action process that will result in the termination of  the imperious use of co-op board power taken to intolerable levels of corruption with impunity.   


The future elected politicians & Mayor must include the massive city wide co-op fiasco which is a housing autocracy in  shambles with democracy in co-op housing falling over the cliff in this NYC co-op housing shambles. No other investment in America has such a wide spread oppression for its investors putting its co-op shareholder investors in dire peril & dire straits of  becoming homeless, destitute  & bankrupt in the blink of an eye all at once!


  This is a housing emergency that the next Mayor  can not afford to reject in any way.  No NY co-op board shareholder can ever dodge the bullet of greed & eternal conspiracy by the sponsor co-op board autocratic empire of evil because they aim to  grab as many  co-op units  for nothing from co-op shareholders who are running out of their financial resources which happens so often in co-ops.


The mad as hell co-op shareholder can pay dearly for their  objectionable behavior which would constitute fighting for their permanently confiscated  rights which were seized from them  when they bought into this co-op housing  Ponzi scheme.  The definition of objectionable behavior by the co-op hierarchy elite is defined by fighting for your embezzled rights & challenging their authority.


That  results in termination of your proprietary lease which is stated over & over again in those chilling ominously threatening letters from co-op boards. Yes indeed your termination comes in various forms. The sad reality is that the co-op board has you in their pockets to do with as they please.


You could say that this mad as hell theme from “Network” is a personal battle cry from the NY co-op shareholder’s movement at or also called Cooperative Community Organization at the same website which is demanding transformation & righteous change from  this ugly massive stigmata which is the NY co-op shareholder’s  curse from NY’s co-op boards.  Its head founder & warrior co-op shareholder activist for co-op housing democracy & co-op shareholder laws is NY citizen Alex Litvak.

 Mr.Litvak & others who’re members of his group know which includes former NYC co-op shareholders as well that the NYC  co-op shareholder’s  curse  must be done away with if housing is to survive in NYC at all. If fees are illegal & extortion fees are imposed on the co-op shareholder tenant, no laws in the books will solidify, be enforced or  save the co-op shareholder from financial perdition because they don’t currently exist!


 Cooperative Community Organization knows  that co-op board of directors  can rob you blind at will. NYC Co-op shareholders have no political legal representation in Washington DC nor in the NY Assembly nor Senate nor the City Council nor in court nor anywhere. NY co-op shareholders are the rejected ones, the unseen ones because they’re the unknowns walking on pins & needles on the NYC co-op  battlefields alone!


Mr.Litvak once said “We’re Americans but they don’t care about us!” The reason being that the system has failed them shamelessly & consistently going against co-op shareholders on the brink of financial perdition & former co-op shareholders who have had co-op closings but have been victims of co-op board embezzlement which can range over 40,000 dollars & much more.    


  Mr.Litvak is one  of the leading mad as hell New York co-op shareholder rights activists  who founded Mr.Litvak has been fighting these outrageous obscene injustices for many years with a myriad number of New York City co-op sufferers joining the movement. Many co-op buildings in all boroughs are also members of Cooperative Community Organization trying to save & rectify what’s  left of their American dream turned foul & lethal.


This movement is gaining ground. Many co-op shareholders in NYC are aware of this movement & are dying economically & psychologically waiting for an elected official who will lead them into co-op liberation, justice & compensation for all the monetary damages that were incurred against  co-op shareholder victims & also former co-op shareholder victims.  Most elected officials steer away from individual co-op shareholder cases & this must change!  



Helen Rosenthal who’s running for NY City Council spent over two hours of her precious time with Cooperative Community Organization getting an inside track  of what goes on in NY co-ops & how many criminal co-op boards are ruining  the economy & ruining the lives of many oppressed co-op shareholders who fell into this  co-op scam Ponzi scheme trap innocently. Many  co-op board hierarchies are getting away with tax evasion & other felonies.  A whole range of issues were discussed.


 Ms.Rosenthal was outraged by finding out that no other investment  in America has so much  fraudulence & rampant corruption connected to it than a co-op shareholder’s investment in a NY co-op apartment that really isn’t theirs because even though you’re paying for mortgage & maintenance, the co-op is not your property at all since you’re paying for shares only.

 Soon  the soon to be victim co-op shareholder will awaken to the rude awakening that you’re also really paying for a  shady perennial dominant sponsor co-op board in an unprincipled lawless  corporation shrouded in criminalities that will rule your life with financial burdens that are unlawful & that there’s legally nothing you can do about it!  


Your entire life will be relegated to what the co-op board approves of & what they do not approve of. They’ll go outside the bounds of regular laws  in a rental that are acceptable to rentals only to  going outsides the bounds of what’s unacceptable to make it co-op board approval acceptable & also of course they’ll go outside the bounds of corporate  law since they’re not accountable to any other hierarchy but themselves.  Why isn’t the NSA  watching what goes on with them?


These potent lawbreakers with impunity  can annihilate your life by a snap of a co-op board member’s finger!  Ms. Rosenthal was informed about many egregious violations learning that lots of fancy departments in the city signify nothing if you’re a co-op shareholder or a former co-op shareholder seeking retribution, justice & monetary compensation  that’s rightfully yours  but  never implemented or enforced in the co-op shareholder’s  or former shareholder’s  favor anywhere.


Ms.Rosenthal  learned that no other investment in America has such a self sabotaging system  that will make you pay for the co-op sponsor board’s  attorney fees that can unlawfully be hiked  up to whatever the co-op board of directors wants it to be. That’s if you dare  burn at the stake by taking your co-op board to court.  They can add as much to their legal fees on baseless grounds as they want & get away every time!   


They the co-op  board of directors don’t have to prove the insane legal fee  bill to the helpless co-op shareholder is correct or legal. There’s nothing you can legally do about it. An aide to Senator Krueger asserted that many co-op shareholders owe sky high legal fees to the co-op boards & are jeopardized with impending eviction & a total loss of their co-op unit by this alone!


They’re blacklisted unless they win the lottery & pay the co-op board. Then of course extortion money will also be asked of many co-op shareholders. Extortion money paid by hostage to the board co-op shareholders is legal under the co-op housing system as it exists today.


 The co-op shareholder can receive a co-op board legal fee for 10,000 dollars up to 100,000 dollars & much more all because the law trusting co-op shareholder  fought an injustice initiated by the co-op board against you, the co-op shareholder without any legal powerhouse to speak of!


In court you get assaulted again but this time by a mind controlled biased judge chiding you, disrespecting you  & favoring the co-op board mostly all of the time not you! They’re few & far between court cases against co-op boards in which the co-op shareholder is victorious.


So now you must be liable says the biased judge against you, not your  culpable co-op board persecutors initiating criminalities every day but you, the co-op shareholder victim who’s being wrongfully persecuted & who follows the law!  Your case was valid & worthy of justice, it’s just that co-op shareholders & former co-op shareholders are not worthy of justice as far as cases against co-op boards are concerned.


Their co-op attorney can call you & your case a nuisance & the judge will say nothing to this display of outrageous impudence against the co-op shareholder plaintiff. A co-op board member can call you “crazy” after your case has been dismissed by the irascible biased judge who sees you as fodder for the co-op board to consume. All of this Helen  Rosenthal took in  outraged by every word of these co-op shareholder hellish stories.   


No reprimands from the judge to the disrespectful unruly co-op lawyer who lies for his clients & invents a spurious story about your genuine truthful complaint against the co-op board so you can lose or have your case dismissed which happens! The co-op board attorneys know that all the judges in co-op cases are smitten with the invincible power of co-op boards!!  Co-op board cases brought about by co-op shareholder plaintiffs speak for themselves!  


No objections  from the judge to the co-op board member who calls you names either. All of this  because you  dared commit this kamikaze mission for justice as extinct as the dinosaurs!  Evil is rewarded & your greater good is maligned but you have your self respect, decency & principals but they don’t. None of this is a consolation though as you’re asked to pay outrageous unlawful legal fees with your own blood money to the co-op board or else you know the drill.   


Nothing ever prepares one for co-op board retaliation & vengeance. You’re the hunted feeble one of the co-op board living in a living death status. They will walk over you to get your co-op unit for nothing. Your legal rights have gone out the window just like the story of the man, a New York banker who jumped out the window of the co-op unit at 68 th street & fifth avenue where he was living. The NY Post ran the story in July 2013.


His parents were the original co-op shareholders there but he & his wife a broker were living there. The banker was  being tortured by the co-op board. Co-op  board harassment compelled him to try & attempt to commit suicide but he broke his fall with an awning & lives to talk about it. His broken bones & horrific wounds from the fall are symbols of how a co-op board can break any hope for peace in your life.


 The banker was being harassed to his wits end because his three beloved dogs. In his case like so many other cases co-op boards will use any kind of ammunition they can use against the co-op shareholder.  In the banker’s case, they used his three precious dogs as ammunition against him. This also prevails widely.      


If you’re  naive enough or blindly idealistic enough to take your co-op board to court with  an attorney representing you, the attorney  will ask the suffering financially  embattled co-op shareholder 500 dollars an hour or more. Many co-op shareholders just lose it all in housing court because plutocrat co-op boards  have  successfully killed  the lives of  co-op shareholder martyrs who pay the price! Remember all this with impunity for the villains from the co-op board.  


 Yes a co-op board feud with a co-op shareholder can be one step away from homelessness.

 Ms.Rosenthal showed the right attitude intensely listening  & being appalled by this American housing tragedy never spoken of in the halls of governance.  Congressional hearings or city council hearings  on these co-op calamities & disgraces might well be considered.


This however can not be done without protection & absence of retaliation from the co-op board to the co-op shareholder & former co-op shareholder witnesses. Reporting is forbidden or else you might receive a legal fee bill that only millionaires can pay. First amendment rights do not apply with co-op boards.


A televised city council meeting or Congressional meeting with America’s co-op board victims would send chills through the corridors of government  since these are the invisible investor co-op shareholder victims  no one will deal with justly.


Ms.Rosenthal also heard that co-op shareholders can not vote out these evil mongers from co-op boards either because elections are rigged many times leaving sponsor co-op board  members in perpetual control of their co-op board. They think they’re immortal & can rule infinitely& so they do just that!  


They will not be dethroned but they should be.  Term limits for co-op board members should be  mandatory co-op law in all of this co-op pandemonium but they’re not accountable no matter what evil deed they execute.  This was also discussed with Ms.Rosenthal who was dismayed that this keeps going on!  


Remember it’s an all unregulated autocratic anarchy in shambles running over the co-op shareholders every day. False financial reports are the norm many times as Ms.Rosenthal also learned that heatless co-ops can also get away with it! Any housing violation can be gotten away with in a co-op.


 No one is inspecting anything or citing penalties to anyone. Not to also mention the physical  assaults against the co-op shareholders from  co-op board members that have occurred but  these felonies also pass the radar screen of the law. Many co-op victims of these crimes won’t report anything for fear that the co-op board will take their co-op units. Many pay offs & kick backs in co-ops are also business as usual.


If you report violations in a co-op you will be retaliated against by the hierarchal co-op board out to get you. This speaks of the way secret societies like the Bilderbergs act & the Skull & Bones secret societies with the Freemasons & the illuminati.  There’s a long list of secret societies that act as self governing power monoliths & this is what co-op boards are. Deactivating their supreme power should be the first order of business but it isn’t that way at all.


As someone from the DA’s office said they have carte blanche because they’re a private club. Each co-op board is a private club with free range to do whatever because none of the co-op board’s criminal evils  are ever subject to criminal introspection & prosecution by any city agency.


One New York lawyer advises his clients not to invest in a co-op because when a client of his had inherited 350,000 dollars to invest in a co-op, the co-op board turned down his client. The lawyer was beset with disgust & rage against this orgy of abuse by co-op boards.


The clients of this lawyer don’t listen because co-ops are much cheaper than condos but in condos you have rights that co-op shareholders  don’t have in co-ops. If condos are the trend they’re considerably more expensive than co-ops without shareholder rights. One condo on the upper east side of Manhattan made a shocking finding that 234,609 dollars was stolen from the condo’s account. How will that condo survive? There’s been no follow up on who that condo thief is or if he was caught & indicted. Thefts like these puts everyone at risk of losing it all.      


The odds are so against you as it was all revealed to Ms.Rosenthal that the co-op shareholder plaintiff  who’s pro se in court representing yourself let’s say  has to be thinking  that the kangaroo court you’re experiencing is something out of a China. If you dare go pro se representing yourself because you can’t afford an attorney for 500 dollars an hour or more,  you will be maligned & vilified by a judge who’s siding with the defense co-op attorney who’s an additional  conspirator ready to send you the exorbitant bill for your audacity.


 It was an evening of horror co-op stories for Ms.Rosenthal who seems prepared to take on this daunting challenge that would make any one else running for city council run for cover.


You’re legally lynched before you speak. And yes you will be charged with co-op legal  fees that will direct you to your own bankruptcy or the demolition of your bank account.  If you do not pay the sky high legal fee bill to the co-op board of directors, you’ll never be allowed to sell your co-op unit period. You’re a doomed investor living on borrowed time. They will come to get you very soon.


As explained to Ms.Rosenthal, if you take the co-op board to court let’s say because they’re the cause of discriminating against your qualified applicants thereby costing you thousands of dollars in rental income, no judge will favor you & the biased judge won’t give you the time of day to show & explain your case with evidence.  The judges in co-op shareholder cases are designed & trained to go against co-op shareholder plaintiffs  no matter how noble & justified your case is against the co-op board.


Plutocracy reigns because the co-op board is the imperious monolith of autocracy that’s never challenged questioned, jailed or investigated.

Sometimes a co-op board can reject & discriminate just for the sadistic fun of it. As someone there experienced, three qualified all cash buyers were rejected by the co-op board with perfect  qualifications to buy a co-op.  Dismissals, wrongful rejections & more sadistic fun for the amusement of the co-op board prevails!  


The co-op shareholder is the loser with righteous cause but the judge had already deemed you as a dismissal. The entire co-op housing system is an obscene dismissal of rights against  co-op shareholders who’re taxpayers, voters & responsible members of the community yet they don’t matter at all while the needles & pins they’re walking on just reach into deeper wounds.


Ms. Rosenthal took note & continued the questioning because all of it leads to the seizing of your co-op unit for the board laughing at your despair while rolling in your blood money.  Ms.Rosenthal was also informed that no legal aid lawyer, no civil rights lawyer no contingency lawyer & no pro bono lawyer will ever represent a co-op shareholder at war with their co-op board. No such person exists.


Ms.Rosenthal also learned that Assembly Member Keith Wright of the housing committee who should have met & was to meet  with Cooperative Community Organization canceled three times because apathy runs high & there’s nothing one can do about it but complain until God’s ears burst. Ms.Rosenthal found all of this very disconcerting but disconcerting topics about co-op horrors are not for the timid souls which Ms.Rosenthal isn’t.


 Proposition 188 that Assembly Member Brennan is proposing is also a mockery of justice because signing pledges from a co-op board saying that they did not discriminate against any applicant or prospective buyer is worthless & inane insulting the intelligence of NY co-op shareholders across the board! The co-op system is designed to commit  discrimination & have co-op boards get away with it because this is also another aspect of business as usual in co-ops!


  The co-op board  never have to give a reason for rejection but what should take place would be for the shareholders who can sublet  to follow the law & get their own applicants approved by themselves without board approval  not to depend on  co-op boards  who have had no mandatory  criminal background checks  to decide your fate for you! Mandatory criminal back ground checks should be required of co-op boards!


This co-op law undermines the co-op shareholder reducing them to mentally deficient people who don’t have the mental capacity or IQ to  screen their own applicants properly which  would benefit everyone not benefit the unaccountable co-op board as the law exists now that rejects qualified co-op applicants at the drop of a hat! This  needs to change drastically!  


Co-op shareholders who’re subletting  are being  treated  like mindless imbeciles by co-op boards who think co-op shareholders are unable to  think intelligently for themselves.  Deactivating the power of co-op boards should be a first priority just deflate them of their power & see what their raw selves look like with zero power. No other investment in America allows for this litany of lawlessness to prevail! Ms.Rosenthal was appalled by the serious magnitude of this co-op crisis issue.


Mr.Litvak demands that every co-op board member give reasons for the discriminatory rejections which is a very reasonable idea also.  To make things rough & tough for co-op boards  if a co-op board  pledges that  no discrimination was enacted against a rejected applicant or rejected potential co-op buyer  then also have them take polygraphs to prove it one might also add.  


Put the reasons they rejected your qualified applicant or potential buyer to the test!

Have the city keep a record of the co-op board members who rejected qualified applicants & a record of the polygraph test results then see how many would love to be elected to the board! How omnipotent would they be then???


Any pathological liar  can sign  any pledge  but it’s never rough & tough for any NYC co-op board members! They can behave like thugs & also threaten a rejected applicant if they insist on a fair interview! People with perfect credit scores have also been rejected & discriminated against for their perfect credit scores!


 A co-op board can also have the right to threaten arrest to an applicant who insists on a fair interview! Co-op board human rights violations are without limits. Human rights agencies will shamelessly side with the co-op board no matter how culpable the co-op board is.  They don’t send decoys & just do a shoddy unprofessional incompetent job.


 Co-op shareholders & former co-op shareholders will tell you that no human rights agency will ever come to the aid of any co-op shareholder if they’re  subletting their co-op unit if their co-op board has indeed discriminated against perfectly qualified subtenants. By having a co-op board play life & death financial con games with you, the co-op board can rob you blind & rob you blind of your rental income. Discrimination used as a weapon from co-op boards can cost co-op shareholders who sublet devastating monetary losses!


This can zoom up into the hundreds of thousands of dollars on losing rental income even though you’re allowed to sublet. As Ms.Rosenthal found out during the discussion the co-op shareholder paying maintenance every month can be robbed of 50,000 dollars 100,000 & more in rental income because the co-op board is  playing tick tack toe with the rejected applicants at your catastrophic loss! Your maintenance must be paid every month or else they’ll have your head.   


Many times no interview takes place as they throw applications in the garbage if they don’t like something on the applicant’s application!  Many times co-op shareholders who sublet & find that they’re victims of co-op board conspiracy of a take over of their co-op unit.  


The modus operandi of the  co-op board kingships is to throw out  applicants who would have made model subtenants or buyers.  Their objective is to bankrupt you, the  co-op shareholder by rejecting & discriminating against everyone so they can seize your co-op unit & throw you under the bus.


This is common, throwing out qualified subtenants & prospective co-op buyers so that the co-op shareholder will continue to pay & pay on their empty co-op unit so  that way they’ll give up  their co-op unit to the devils who conspire against them! The monetary damages can reach the sky & beyond. This is a very sinister manipulative tactic to finish you altogether.


  Co-op board retaliation is the reason more cases aren’t brought to  human rights city agencies. The justified plaintiff must lose no matter what. They take the  word of the co-op board bringing in false & unverified information. Case dismissed!


 No monetary rewards for the plaintiff with the most to offer & the most justification  to bring in a complaint is ever rewarded. Your valid complaint will be gagged & dismissed. We need thousands of Nancy Graces to set justice into motion but co-op shareholders & former co-op shareholders don’t have a Nancy Grace on their side!  


  They are not prosecuted because the co-op boards are a superior entity to the law. This must be terminated.

Have co-op members take TESTS about the laws & make it a New York State requirement that no one gets on the board unless they pass a test on basic law in NY State.  If they violate  discriminatory laws or any other law, arrest them, kick them out & most of all make them pay by having the city take over their co-op unit. Make them lose their co-op shares & bank accounts & then call it a day.       


Their co-op attorney can call your case & you a nuisance in court & get away with it!  A member of the co-op board can call you crazy in court for fighting for legal decency & legal outcomes yet also get away with more insults against the co-op shareholder  without the judge telling him or her off!   


Ms.Rosenthal was very irked & taken aback  by all of this unjust mockery & obscenities against lawful action while co-op shareholders have no legal base  to call their own.You want a lawyer but hope that you’ll win the NY state lottery so you can pay the 500 dollars & up legal fees to your lawyer & the co-op attorney lawyer when you get your humongous legal fee bill from the co-op board. It’s a no win situation for the co-op shareholder in crisis.  

Even if co-op shareholders win in court which is very rare, some may  experience  paying their co-op attorney’s fees anyway!  Co-op shareholder plaintiffs will lose in court 9 times out of 10 or 10 times out of 10.


   Ms.Rosenthal was also surprised to learn that if a co-op shareholder pays their mortgage in full & is paying maintenance, a prognosis of doom will fall on the paid up co-op shareholder. You will be stalked & preyed upon if you pay your mortgage in full by the co-op board who will want your shares  for nothing if they can achieve that as they so often do.

 By paying your mortgage in a co-op, you’ll be blacklisted as you’ll be the stalked co-op shareholder by the co-op board! Your co-op unit will be no more! The co-op board might also want to pay for your shares in your co-op unit for way below market price so there goes your investment down the city man hole!


So a paid up mortgage won’t give you security at all!  The paid up shareholders paying maintenance every month with mortgage all paid up will become the hunted prey of the bloodthirsty co-op board with their pointed fangs directed at the innocent law abiding you!


 Legions of DRACULAS could not be more alive with the NYC co-op housing system! The question  of legal aid lawyers for  co-op shareholders was asked by Ms.Rosenthal,  the reality is that  there’s no pro bono for the powerless co-op shareholder swimming in a sea of legal hopelessness & legal suicide.      


Ms.Rosenthal learned that if your case is dismissed by a biased judge favoring the  amoral co-op board, it’s the innocent co-op shareholder victim who will be liable. The attitude is how dare you work for justice against a legally untouchable co-op board who you’re paying to steal more money from you with eternal impunity!  

  Your adjournments in court may be construed as being forms of harassment against the board by the judge!  You’re the harassed victim of the co-op board yet the judge sees you as a harasser even though you’re a warrior for justice trying to set the right example by fighting for your life & fighting for what’s right & justified. The co-op board can become & will become adversarial monster predators with their ominous threats.  



  A new constitution for co-op shareholders must be written up by founders of new  & innovative fair laws for co-op shareholders & their pets all threatened with eviction under current co-op law. You can also be threatened if a relative stays in your co-op unit without co-op approval.  One must ask for board approval in every phase of living or else!


 Even if a doctor writes up a note  about how sick co-op shareholders who need pets for their health & well being is to their patient, the co-op culprits will not accept this because they want co-op shareholders to die so they can take every cent they have. Pets & helpless co-op shareholders are always threatened with eviction in co-ops! This is legalized blackmail when co-op shareholders live in a state of being unjustly maligned for this & that.


As Ms.Rosenthal awakened to more morbid tales of co-op board transgressions. Mr.Litvak informed her that no one can vote a co-op board out because they will turn it around to  favor the maintenance of their power only.  They will not abdicate their total power & control which is why term limits must become law in co-op boards.

Ms.Rosenthal is a ray of hope for the co-op shareholder existing with co-op chronic traumatic stress syndrome. She’s expressed interest in this bleeding issue & has the potential to make extraordinary strides helping to re-invent laws that favor the persecuted co-op shareholders & former co-op shareholders who fought in vain so far.


De-constructing the co-op housing system & re-constructing it to a just & functioning system without any co-op power board structure would be a start in the right direction.   “Tear down this wall!” President  Reagan once said to Mr.Gorbachev of the Berlin wall. This can also apply to the oppressive wall of co-op boards & zero law base for co-op shareholders!  “Tear down this wall elected officials & law makers of NYC!”  


   These are issues in co-ops that a Committee on Public Corruption which Governor Cuomo is proposing might well consider  a definite priority category of New York Co-op Board Corruption against co-op board felons  & violators who would do well sharing jail cells with the Madoffs of the world.


A law enforcement team would be well advised by law officials to send decoys & state inspectors to clean up this NY co-op housing disgrace. Town meetings with political leaders also need to be held & accountability needs to exist with these co-op board elitist human rights violator abuser crime devotees.    


Power to the people & the elected politicians who’ll  fight for this grossly neglected issue. They are Helen Rosenthal District 6  Shelly Keeling District 11 of the Riverdale Bronx  community John Lisyansky of District 47 & Ari Kagan of District 48 who’re hopefuls in being the only leading politicians who’ll investigate this glaring in your face accursed co-op New York housing catastrophe of another kind & take action.    


These co-op catastrophes must be put out of business with justice & monetary rewards for the co-op shareholder victims & former co-op shareholder victims who have been pilfered of fortunes! Corrupt judges who favor criminal co-op boards must also be removed! 


We live in a society where a Montana judge favored a rapist over the dead 14 year old victim who committed suicide. That judge gave the rapist criminal 30 days in jail!!

 No member of any co-op board has ever done time because the judges embrace their crimes with acceptance & victory for them.


Victims who were once co-op shareholders are living in shelters or public housing. Assembly Member  Krasny in his district  has a failing grade for someone who professes to be tough on crime he acquiesces to  co-op board criminality. The I  don’t give a damn mentality is the common consensus. These politicians like Assembly Member   Krasny should never have your vote & will never have the capacity to possess  any major leadership.    


The number of victims are staggering & the number of former co-op shareholders who become homeless because the system rigidly & mercilessly stands against them. Carmen  Bejarano & Gerard Grosof who lead “Concerned Citizens for Coop Reform” are also leaders in their Riverdale community fighting for the day that a  Declaration of Independence & Bill of Rights will be given to the victim co-op shareholders  of co-op board criminality.

 Ms.Bejarano & her husband had their  co-op illegally auctioned & fought to get it back& did just that. Their commitment to this mission of mercy for co-op shareholders is unwavering.


There’s another co-op shareholder victim activist in the Riverdale community who has the  Co-op Home Defenders organization. In the Riverdale community it’s Shelly Keeling who’s an ally for them & these community activists have found an ally in Shelly Keeling who’s running for Council representing her Riverdale neighborhood in the Bronx. Ms. Keeling has also been dissecting this co-op scam as Ms.Rosenthal also found out.



The Riverdale Press has also been vocal & supportive to this issue. The New York Times carried an article “Because the Board Says So” was an article about how flip flops are not allowed in some co-ops & so forth. Even if your podiatrist asks you to wear them & the co-op shareholder has a doctor’s note, no respect for the written doctor’s advice & proof is ever  shown by these co-op board monolith secret societies out to take you to the limits  of your tolerance.


No co-op board should become jailer & executioner at the same time but they are. At the end of the session Mr. Litvak  extends his arms & says “And?” to Ms.Rosenthal. “And?” is Mr.Litvak’s  signal word for change & transformation meaning taking the appropriate action for a law base for NYC co-op shareholders which should  take place now!  It’s long overdue.


As Mr.Litvak pointed out to Ms.Rosenthal yes they elected officials quote “understand” the situation but take no action to change this evil system targeting the legally invisible co-op shareholder screaming for help. Think of that  Edvard Munch painting “Scream” which comes to mind & just picture countless NYC co-op shareholders & former co-op shareholders screaming for some kind of cosmic righteousness in that painting. This is the essence of the urgency. Ms.Rosenthal got it.         


 In a very rare unprecedented co-op shareholder case against the co-op board, I’ve  been told that a NY co-op  shareholder didn’t know that his co-op building was already almost in bankruptcy  but it took him 15 years to get out of the co-op with a buyer  because after 15 years of the co-op board rejecting one qualified buyer after the other & discriminating like hell, the  judge in that case demanded that the qualified buyer he had at the time be accepted by the board! In this case it took 15 years of his life to get a just & ethical judge to approve of the buyer going against the co-op board’s eternal rejections!  


This co-op shareholder victim was forbidden to attend co-op shareholders meetings but it was his business that was keeping  the co-op building going yet he was discriminated against for 15 years & suffered two heart attacks during the interim of those hell plagued years.


Many like this man barely survive the barrage of beatings from co-op boards that take on many varied forms. To be a co-op shareholder in New York is one step next to homelessness & bankruptcy  because of the wide spread co-op sponsor co-op board criminality that  goes on unpunished & unscathed.  Laws do not apply to them because of their all consuming distorted  power soon to be used as a lethal  power that brings poverty, anguish & many homeless without the equal justified retaliation that should be occurring against the perpetrators of these disgusting outrages!   


This situation has hit an uncontrollable dire state. They’re  unexplained X files  from NASA, also of the ET & UFOS presence on earth that are true & factual. These are the true & factual X-files of the NY co-op housing anarchy debacle revealed & exposed as never before seen  as corrupt as it gets with more horror co-op tales out there to review. It takes NYC co-op housing horrors to a new level & it’s as excruciating  & devastating in their shock horror value as it gets!  

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