End the Dolphin Apocalypse

STORY BY Naomi Semeniuk

Published: March 7, 2014

If Mahatma Ghandi  who was quoted as saying the following “ The greatness of a nation is judged by the way it treats its animals” were alive today & if he were watching the evil slaughter  of thousands of dolphins in Taiji Japan, this physically frail but powerful peacemaker of nations in his time who was assassinated himself  for his peaceful teachings would interfere with the dolphin killers in Taiji, Japan & would probably get himself killed  in the name of non violence  if he were alive today.  When there’s no mercy shown to thousands of pods of  defenseless sea mammals like dolphins caught in their nets of death & doom where & how are these  cold blooded murders  as evil as it gets, ever  to be  justified by the current Prime Minister of  Japan, Shinzo Abe? Nothing of this evil magnitude can ever be justified!

The Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe is of the  speak no evil, hear no evil & see no evil school of shoving all forms of evil in the back burner in front of the world media.  When is mendacity about such merciless barbarism a noble trait to him & others who think like him?  The leaders of Japan have kept volumes of shocking truths about the Daiichi Fukushima Nuclear Plant away from their nation to this day!  

The west coast of the US is now suffering the aftereffects of the Fukushima disaster in the poisoning of the Pacific Ocean. The lack of transparency is noted by many who have investigated & are still investigating the Daiichi Nuclear Plant in Fukushima. A conspiracy of egregious lies about the horrors of these dolphin slaughters is what’s been going on here just like the conspiracy of lies & lack of transparency with the Nuclear Plant Fukushima topic.  Many good people in Japan also denounce the bloodbath of dolphins & would like to see it stopped for good.  

When the Prime Minister of Japan says that the dolphin slaughter has nothing to do with culture & that it’s a tradition, he’s guilty of shaming himself & lying to himself & the people of Japan in front of the world stage.  Not many will be deceived since the research shows that they’ve been performing these barbaric rituals against dolphins since 1969. If we are referring to traditions which this is not, a tradition that devalues & butchers innocent life animal or human is a stigma of disgrace & shame for any nation.  Dolphin slaughter has never been a TRADITION since this senseless blood feast started in 1969 in Taiji, Japan.

At the center of this bloody melee of man’s injustice & shocking  brutality against  these gorgeous dolphins stands Sea Shepherd at www.seashepherd.org & its indomitable noble driven Captain Paul Watson, a modern day Ghandi, an American hero with his Cove Guardians www.seashepard.org/cove-guardians  all heroic vigilante activist volunteers from Sea Shepherd taking the footage livestream of every step of the shameless massacre which lasts for six months from September 1st to March 1st.   

In Japan, the roster of slaughtered victims range from 20,000 each year ranging from small whales, dolphins & porpoises all stabbed to death with the most brutal force or drowned to death. Captain Watson tells the world the following” If the oceans die we die. We can not live on this planet with a dead ocean”. If only the dolphin killers & the killers of marine mammal life understood & honored this sacred principle that has been cannibalized  to an extinction of mammals & the extinction of life in the oceans of our planet!  This principle is also disrespected by environmental murderers who pollute & kill life in the oceans without moral conscience & are beholden to the special interest groups they’re bonded to.

The Sea Shepherd team  are the defenders of marine mammals everywhere on this planet about to be butchered to death in the oceans of the world as  they intervene to stop slaughter at sea. Sea Shepherd has always  had  their whale wars with Japanese ships who have incessantly violated international laws.  Captain Watson & his courageous team at Sea Shepherd tries to  save the whales by intercepting  the Japanese  ships. Sea Shepherd has been  in Taiji Japan documenting by videotaping the horrors as the fishermen of Taiji put the dolphins in stress by noise at first.

They kill them so viciously in the same manner  a sociopath commits  murder without the slightest regard for the excruciating pain at death & without regard for any life form they savagely execute. The inhumanness is an abomination. The dolphins are terrorized fully knowing that something terrible is about to happen to them & their beloved families as their communication skills are so intelligent &superior. Dolphins are one of  the many wonders of our planet.  

Sea Shepherd is there along the shores when the metal rods are placed in the water & then the cacophony of death begins as they hammer banging noises causing a nauseating stress in the dolphins. This terrifying panic among the dolphins alone is part of the death spiral the fishermen have in store for them. Stress as we know now is a killer in itself as it is for the dolphins as well.  The beautiful intelligent dolphins begin to panic & sense what’s coming as many try to unsuccessfully disentangle themselves from the nets of bloody doom.

They’re incarcerated in the nets unable to liberate themselves from the hellish watery death that’s about to occur.

The fishermen using their harpoons savagely harpoon them to death. It’s the last image they’ll ever see as they’re mercilessly slain wondering why why why!  In the academy winning film “The Cove” about the Taiji dolphin slaughter, the cries of the dying dolphins are heard.  The slaughterers sever their spines using their weapon of choice, their harpoons then finish them off with the callousness of  how a sociopath behaves without remorse & without  mercy for their victims. It takes the mind of a sociopath to do this.  

  The dolphins  who see their loved ones butchered plead to no avail for their families & themselves to be spared but the bloody dolphin Armageddon makers have no limit to their callous villainy  & no limit as to the number of murders they can execute.  The waters of dolphin blood speak volumes as the waters turn red with innocent dolphin blood.  They see them lacerate & butcher their bodies to death non stop among their pods & families.  Along the shores is the super humanity army for sea mammals, the goodwill non violent warriors, the intrepid incomparable Cove Guardians from Sea Shepherd  who want an extinction of  the savagery of it all!

 The Cove Guardians are  Sea Shepherd’s international  army of sea mammal crusaders led  by Captain Paul Watson’s superlative  humanity who’re  all  there making a historical footage document of these barbaric dolphin murders. The Cove Guardians & Captain Paul Watson won’t stop until this criminal heinousness is annihilated for good. Sea Shepherd is never going to give up. They’re giving their lives to this issue!   Sea Shepherd is there taking the footage of these barbaric acts of man’s decadence & degeneration into the self made hell they will not escape from. Sea Shepherd has been exposing these atrocious brutalities against dolphins & others since 2003 trying to extinguish these evils in the oceans & watery bloody graves of the world.

The dolphins are  herded into the cove moments away from the morbid slaughter that’s about to begin. Their dying & manner in which they die is unbearably heart breaking. First they see their families exterminated then the ones  that are taken alive are taken to entertainment venues such as Seaworld or others. As Captain Paul Watson warns everybody do not participate by buying tickets for any of these Seaworld type marine mammal shows! As Captain Watson suggests which is to tell the parks how you feel about dolphins or any sea mammal in captivity. It’s wrong & it’s demoralizing the fabric of our 21st century hope to save the environment & its species.

 If you support these park entertainment ventures with dolphins & other sea mammals, you’re giving power & financial support to their executioners. The dolphins in the cove who’re spared are sold for 150,000 dollars or more to these entertainment venues which are really captive jails, a living hell for them.  They put on these shows at the expense of the miserable dolphins who’re prisoners of their avaricious handlers who do not care about what’s best for them.  This is man’s devolvement from grace, a planetary requiem of man’s fall into the decadence of violence & death for profit at any cost.  

As Captain Watson warns the public also do not participate in swimming with dolphins either. In the killing cove there was an albino dolphin named Angel.The dolphin’s mother saw what was about to happen & drowned herself. We see that these intelligent creatures are also capable of suicide as they witness the abominations before them & their families. Angel was taken alive & probably sold  to one of the sea world entertainment shows. This is unimaginable suffering for the dolphins that will come back to haunt & torture their killers at the fishermen’s cooperative of Taiji.  Before the death blows, the dolphin killers also abuse & torture the dolphins before death. It sends the wrong message about the devaluation of all life on the planet.  

Captain Paul Watson & this extraordinary awe inspiring  organization www.SeaShepherd.org is also out there to educate the world about these atrocities & to save the oceans & its species.  They bring these infamous crimes  into every home in the world with every electronic device we have. They also campaign in educating the world about the high levels of mercury toxicity in dolphin meat. There’s mercury in dolphin meat which leads to serious illness.

They’re also poisoning the lives of many by not informing the Japanese people not to eat dolphin meat because of its high toxic mercury content.  Why aren’t the Japanese people being told about the high mercury content in dolphin meat? Why would they want to ingest mercury poison & give that to their families? Mercury kills & decays health. Sea Shepherd is there telling the truth to them.

Yoko Ono, a unique world artist  & another voice for peace, non violence progressive ideas & environmental health & balance was quoted as saying” At this very politically sensitive time, the dolphin hunt will make the children of the world hate Japan”.  The Ambassador of Japan, Caroline Kennedy was quoted as saying” Deeply concerned by inhumane ness of drive hunt dolphin killings. US government opposes drive hunt fisheries.”

  The extinction of dolphins has already occurred in places like Futo Japan & Iki Island in Japan where dolphins are now extinct because of dolphin slaughter.

Scott West the campaign director of Cove Guardians at Sea Shepherd was not allowed entry into Japan. There’s desperation & fear behind this decision since Sea Shepherd has exposed these disgraceful murders & gotten world press & world protest as a result. Mr.West should have been allowed to do his work freely. World love for dolphins day is one of the creative ways Sea Shepherd expresses world love for dolphins as this was an event that took place at the Embassy of Japan in Washington DC & in Japanese consulates in LA, NY Seattle San Francisco Denver & Houston for Valentines day.

If activists achieve greatness for a great cause to save the great species of the earth in our time, it’s Sea Shepherds like Captain Watson & Melissa Sehgal walking on water every where to end the dolphin apocalypse & other species’ apocalypses. Captain  Watson says it best when he says “ Creativity is the key to saving creation from our darker side & the key to a future of ecological harmony between humanity & diversity of wondrous species we share the planet with”.      

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