Death Revisited

STORY BY Josh King

Published: July 20, 2014

The greatest minds are at a loss when it comes to issues about life, love and death.  The truth is there is no explanation for these concepts because they are God-given.

God is not a person, but an energy that connects all things. We feel this connection when we meet someone our soul knows from another place, or pass through a space we have been through before. The human body responds to what the soul wants and needs to experience. The material world is a manifestation of soul, not the other way around.

The mistake people make is in trying to find meaning internally after accepting the outside world, which is why religion will never work. There is no such thing as “material-world spiritualism”.

It’s pagan worship, as Jesus taught; the only true religion is love and belief in something higher than the material plane. As long as we worship idols, that is all we will get.

Whenever death occurs in an early stage of life, or if it appears to be accidental, the explanation is that these souls sacrificed themselves for us so we could see something important to assist us in our life journey.

Life is so fragile. We spend most of our time asking so many ridiculous questions to which we will never know the answers, feeling afraid, being hateful.  Instead we should be loving and appreciating every minute of the Joy of being here on this earth. 

It's hard for us because life is hard, but man made life hard, not the planet or the universe.

All civilizations fall because mankind becomes corrupted.

People leave the planet (die, disappear) when they can no longer tolerate what is going on here, when the energy becomes obtrusive and there is such imbalance they cannot survive.

Before great strife there are exits and escapes. It's been known to happen before (Mayans, Egyptians, Atlantis, etc.).  People leave the earth because it is no longer inhabitable.

People think others have heart attacks; the truth is there is no such thing. A signal is sent to the heart, and the heart stops beating because it is time for that person's body to release the soul.

This is not easy to understand or accept; yet it is the truth, because the heart never lies. That's why the world is in such a condition. We are living in a constant state of fear and control, and that's when things come apart. We never cry for the dead, we cry for ourselves.

Our questions are about our own death and the fear of dying. The dead are dead; there is nothing more for them to do.

We must go on living until our time comes, and do as much good as we can for the human race to survive, as this current state of confusion and lack of compassion is too great to sustain life.

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