Charles Bukowski, Time is All Around: This.

STORY BY Vicky Victoria

Published: September 19, 2013

A friend recently shared Charles Bukowski’s poem This with me, and as I read it I instantly connected it to Truth Is Cool. Charles’s words are all too true in their depiction of the selfishness that is prevalent in our society. Selfishness and greed have proved to become a value that is actually honored and rewarded in today’s society. From the financial and political system, to the lobbyist, to reality TV Shows, we are surrounded by ego and people operating at a coconscious so low they never stop to ask: ‘What am I doing, for whom, and what can I do to make this world a better place for everyone?’.  Thank you to everyone who indeed does think of others and whose actions embody holistic action. 


“self-congratulatory nonsense as the
famous gather to applaud their seeming

you wonder where the real ones are

what giant cave hides them

as the deathly talentless bow to accolades

as the fools are fooled again

you wonder where the real ones are

if there are real ones.

this self-congratulatory nonsense has lasted decades and with some exceptions, centuries.

this is so dreary is so absolutely pitiless

it churns the gut to powder shackles hope

it makes little things like pulling up a shade or
putting on your shoes or
walking out on the street

more difficult near damnable

as the famous gather to applaud their seeming greatness

as the fools are fooled again

humanity you sick motherfucker.

Charles Bukowski, Time is All Around: This.

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