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STORY BY Vicky Victoria

Published: September 18, 2014

Attention all artists and culture lovers:  Friday Septmever he 19th New York City’s “Conception”, a platform for emerging artists looking to kick-start their careers, is partnering with the infamous Cutting Room, the storied venue where the Rolling Stones, Billy Joel, and other legends have played.

Conception is based in New York City and holds art events regularly throughout the United States and Europe. They provide artists with the tools and resources to help elevate them both creatively and professionally.  Friday night’s birth between these two cultural incubators will give emerging artists an explosive opportunity to make their dreams a reality.

Conception produces and curates custom art events and festivals with a focus on connecting creatives with industry professionals and buyers while fostering relationships with their artistic peers. Understanding what it takes make an artist’s work thrive both nationally and internationally, Conception supports the creative process by investing in emerging artists through its exclusive continuing education platform ‘Conception Campus’.

With so much undiscovered talent out there, organizations like Conception make it possible for artists to live their dream.

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